Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January 28, 2009

My Dearest Friends and Family!Hello! I hope you are all having a wonderful and all is well! I miss and love you and I am so happy I can e-mail you the latest update as my companion and I have seen endless amounts of blessings pouring down upon us! We have had a couple of "blizzards" as Mom would say but it really is just a beautiful snow fall!:) To sum up the last couple of weeks I must say it has been, blizzards of blessings!About 3 weeks ago now, Sister Roberts and I were searching to find at least one more person to teach and from the bottom of our area to the top, it seemed that no one was interested. Yet we knew somebody was, it was just a matter of where?!? We were searching, hoping, and praying to be and answer to someone's prayer but in reality a lady named Tina was an answer to our's:) On Sunday January 11th, a guy we know from church brought his friend Tina and we had heard much about her in the past. It just never ended up working that we could set up an appointment due to schedule conflicts during those 4 weeks prior to us meeting her but we knew one day we would. When she came to church and Will said, "Sisters! This is Tina!" We were as reverently excited as we could be and we set up an appointment to see her later that evening! We knew someone was out there and my heart was just filled with joy! What a blessing! We later went to teach her and the spirit I felt at that appointment reminded me the truthfulness of this gospel as we shared with her the story of Joseph Smith! I know that this is the the only true church on the Earth and I am grateful to be a part of it! On Monday January 12th, we recieved the phone call from the Elder's telling us if we were getting transfered or not. I was so nervous! I did not want to leave the area I have been in my entire mission and had no idea what was going to happen! When the phone call came, Elder Lee told Sister Robert's and I with all seriousness, "Sister Miller you will be packing your bags and Sister Robert's you are staying. After we hung up, for a second I felt good about it and then as I sat on the couch and started thinking about Maritza, Malaika, Charloette, Michael, Guillaume, Tina, and everyone else I have met tears started to role down my face. As I was saying to the Sisters " who is going to help Guillaume tie his hood?" the phone rang. It was the Elder's calling back and we immediatly put it on speaker phone. Elder Lee was prompt to say, "just kidding! you are both staying! and my tears were wiped away! Needless, to say I did not neither of us got transfered and all is well! Last Wednesday January 21st, Sister Roberts and I went on splits with 2 ladies in our Ward and Zaneta and I did a look up of a lady I taught when I first came on my mission. Her name is Michelle and she was so happy to see us! It had been like 4 months since we had stopped by last and we set up an actual appointment to come and see her again. Sister Roberts and I went the next day and as we were talking to her she was expressing to us the reason she was so excited to see us is because she was praying that week and asking Heavenly Father to lead her to what is right! With that being said, we are currently teaching her as well along with Tina and Malaika and of course we are still searching for more:) I am so grateful for this Church in my life to lead and guide me. I know with all of my heart that this gospel is true and within it is that 'One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism' as the Bible tells is in Ephesians 4:5. We can all come to receive Blizzards Of Blessings as we search, ponder, and pray for truth in our lives. I love you all so much!Love you always,Sister Miller

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 14, 2009

To My Wonderful Friends and Family!
I hope you are all having a great week wherever you may be!:) Yet another week has come and gone! I am so amazed! Where do the days go? I just love being here and the area of Manhattan that I am serving in, the unique things we see, and the people we meet who we can share how Jesus Christ's church is back on the earth. I am grateful I have not yet been transfered because I love this area so so much but I better be careful because we find out Monday night who will be transered and where for Wednesday! Many people we see each week from church ask me if I think I am leaving soon and my immediate response is, " I hope not!" with a smile:) Either way I look forward to what is ahead!
The other day one of the unique things we saw was SO amusing! It was Monday and a group of us were on the train. To our surprise these 3 boys got on dancing and do flips so perfectly in such a small area with amazing balance as the train was moving! I was amazed! I can barely keep the balance just standing there! ;)Haha!
Malaika and Ajan are doing so good and she will be getting baptized February 28th. Guillaume who got baptized November 29th got the Priesthood (the authority to act in God's name)on Sunday and it was so amazing as well! I love you all so much and thank you for all that you do! Don't forget to Choose the Right!
Love always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January 7, 2009

To My Beautiful family and friends!
Happy New Year! AHH!! Time is just flying by. The days are going as fast as I write them down in my planner. Too crazy! I hope you all have had a Hppy New Year so far! I must say I was totally humbled after I wrote my last e-mail! The spirit told me as I was typing to all of you, "maybe I should do other things that are more related to missionary work on the evening of New Year's Eve" but I insisted on painting my nails, waxing my eye brows, etc. So when we got home that night at curfew (6pm) I did not really do anything that was planned because I totally was weak from head to toe. I felt so sick! The blessing of it all is that I got to go to bed at 6pm that evening and by the next morning I felt so good! I am sure it is not likely I will ever go to bed that early in the future, especially on New Year's Eve but it is amazing to see how Heavenly Father wants me to be well in order to spread the gospel. I love it! Painting nails and waxing eyebrows are of least importance on a mission:) As for the people Sister Roberts and I are attempting to spread the gospel to right now, Malaika and her son Ajan are doing wonderful! I love being with them and feeling so close to the both of them. I love that Sister Robert's and I can share the beautiful message of Christ's church back on the Earth to her and Ajan and have them feel the sprit testify the truth of it but we are searching for more people! Every minute I am on my tip toes hoping, looking, searching, and praying that we will find those people in this city who are praying for answers to questions in their life. Little do they know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has it all:) I know things will happen in time and more miracles are right around the corner but until we find more of Heavenly Fathers children I am never going to give up. Ever. This church is so true and people can feel and know it too. I have had the blessing of witnessing this with Maritza, Guillaume, Lisa, Charloette, and Michael and now Malaika and I look forward to seeing it as much as I possibly can! Until then.... I love you all so much and hope you are having a wonderful day! Thank you for all you do and the people you are in my life!
Love you always,
Sister Miller