Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Attention, Please....

Please mail all letters to the Bronx address because we recently recevied the news that USPS will no longer forward mail we get sent to us from the mission home! Thank you for all of the wonderful letters and e-mails!:) I just love them!

1414 White Plains Road Bronx NY 10462

August 26, 2009

"Drowning in Joy"

To My Loving Family and Friends!!
I know I use the word a lot and I am repetitive but there is no better way to describe the feelings I feel every moment as I get to serve for my Father in Heaven! I truly continue to drown in joy everyday! As I have mentioned in the past getting transferred to Connecticut was the most humbling experience of my mission and very difficult for me to leave the City. I was so sad! Once I was actually in Connecticut I fell in love with it there SO fast that I forgot the love I have for New York. I love this place! So let me tell you about my last week in Connecticut. It was miraculous! Although Sister Roberts and I did not see a baptism together, we had many moments of feeling the spirit and being able to teach that mean so much to me! I am forever grateful for that! 2 weeks ago now Sister Roberts and I got a phone call from a member in the Ward and he asked us to come over and teach his little sister in-laws boyfriend! We were excited for the appointment and to be able to teach Chris! To tell you about Chris he just graduated high school and applied to BYU and University of Utah! He got accepted to both and thought it was funny he had to got through 3 interviews for his application for BYU, hehe! He is one smart kid! He decided to go to University of Utah and we had a total of 5 days to teach him everything before he left for school! He wanted to know every little thing about the church even though he has been immersed in it for a while since he has been dating Victoria! Talk about prepared! Well in a total of 4 days we taught him all of the lessons and it could not have been better! We are excited to here what the future holds for him and I know he will be a stalwart in the church when he really decides to act on it. One of my favorite lessons was when we taught The Gospel of Jesus Christ and at the beginning of the lesson Sister Roberts asked him if he knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book of Mormon is true! Chris thoughtfully replied with a yes and with his response Matt (Victoria’s brther in-law) asked how so? He said he is taking a leap of faith based on the feelings he has felt at church and during our appointments. I have thought a lot about that and how grateful I am for the principle of faith and how important it really is. I often wish others had the faith he has but then again we all have our agency and need to choose for ourselves! The last week Sister Roberts and I were together was perfect as perfect can be and that is just how Heavenly Father had it set up for us! I feel so blessed! No matter where I am serving I know that nothing can stop this work from progressing! : ) I know all throughout my mission I have felt like there have been a lot of perfect weeks and a lot of not so perfect weeks. To share with you the joy I feel I must tell you about another perfect week that I have had with Sister Luedtke! 2 for 2 ;) Yesterday sums it up…let me share what happened. We had an appointment fall through at 6pm and we were bummed. But not for long! We stop and talked to 2 gentlemen and got a return appointment with each! We went to do our back-up plans and got on the bus. First of all, it was our favorite bus driver and second of all we ran into Rose who is a lady we taught the day before and is a new investigator for us! We looked up Sister Brown from church and she was not home so we are walking down Evergreen and stop to talk to a lady. Auna told us she used to go to the church in the DR with her sister and has wanted to go here! Once again, we got another return appointment and gave her the address. We left that to make our way to another look-up we had and we turned onto Weston and there was a lady who smiled really big at us and we stopped to talk with her. Eva told us Sisters used to teach her in the DR and she wants us to see pictures so we set up another return appointment! As we kept going down Watson we ran into a family that has not been to church for 10 years and they were parking there car. We had previously stopped by a few days before to talk with them and share a message but it was still a tender mercy for us! We left Watson to get to Boynton where we had an appointment in due time with a lady and as we were walking this man in front of us had a bag of books that broke and the books fell all over street. We were able to help him pick up the books since it was noticeably difficult for him and just like Auntie I happened to have an extra bag in my back pack!! LOL! I use plastic bags to keep my things dry and Heavenly Father had an empty one for Francisco!!: ) I am not that much like Auntie!;) As we were walking to the corner of Boynton and Westchester to meet Amy (someone who has also not been to church for a while) at McDonalds we stopped and talked to the police on the street who are always in 2’s and make us feel safe! They loved hearing about what we do and have never heard about the church! We had a great lesson with Amy at McDonalds of all places and before we new it it was time for home. We got on the bus and when we got off at our stop to our surprise there were 4 of our Elders waiting to get on the bus and with smiles on their faces they quickly sang "As Sister In Zion" to us. It was too cute and perfecting ending to the day. Even though we experience days complete opposite of this I am grateful for the days we experience the not so good because such days as this make up for it. Well, it is time to run and get to those people who know nothing about the church ( I am still shocked to meet so many people who know nothing!) but I love you all and miss you more!:) Until next time…..XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Miller
P.S. Sister Luedtke is basically the most optimistic companion I have ever had!! We are having too much fun and it is such a blessing! Not that other comps were not positive but I just feel SO blessed!
P.P.S My new address in the Bronx that is very safe is: 1414 White Plains Road Bronx NY 10462

Friday, August 21, 2009

August 19, 2009

"Welcome to the hood"
To My Amazing Family and Friends!!
Who would have thought?!?;) Transfers was today and on Monday night I was informed that I was going to be transfered! Of course the Bronx is where I have been sent and all I can say is that I feel so good about being here! It was interesting how many different times I felt peace about leaving Norwalk and Darien Connecticut prior to actually knowing I was leaving. Heavenly Father truly let me know that that was my last cycle there. I am truly grateful for the gospel and the peace it brings into my life! Transfers have been difficult all throughout my mission but for some reason I was prepared for this one. It is amazing the love Heavenly Father has for me! I am so blessed! So to tell you briefly about my new companion Sister Luedtke! She is from Vegas and was baptized into the church about 3 years ago! Like Sister Roberts, she is also a Mechanic and loves cars!! She was introduced to the church when she was 29 years old and is absolutely amazing! I miss Sister Roberts like crazy but so grateful to have been with her 6 months of my mission! Sister Roberts and I were together 3 months, seperated 3 months, and back together again these last 3 months!! It was really nieat and I feel as though I was able to be a better companion to her the second time around. I had many things I wish I would had done better with her the first time! Once again Heavenly Father loves me and gave me the chance to try again:) I am grateful for "second chances" and the Atonement that makes it possible for me to be better and try my best to prepare to return to the Celestial Kingdom one day! Well it is time to umpack and then go hit the streets for the night but I love you all so much!! Have a wonderful day!! Until next week....XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

August 12, 2009

To My Dearest Friends and Family!
The days are coming up where I just might be transferred and I am more sure than last week that it will happen?!? It is unique how Heavenly Father prepares us for different events in our lives. First Sister Roberts had her reasons and now I have mine! Ah! After all, I will be happy to stay here and happy to go if I go! If I go to Manhattan it is 1 of the areas I was already in, if I go to the Bronx I just might laugh, and if I stay here I will continue to be one happy sister missionary! I was with another Sister on Monday in the Bronx and it was neat to be back in the City. I just love it all! The best part is, is that Heavenly Father decides and it is in his Hands. This last week Sister Roberts and I have been focusing on how we can get the people we are teaching to go to church! The lessons we have with Jack, Gifton, Chantel, etc. are wonderful but we know the best "lesson" for them will be at church!!: ) Sister Roberts and I are still determined to see a baptism together but only time will tell! Well, time is short today but I love you and miss you! Until next week…XOXO!
Love you Always,
Sister Miller

August 5, 2009

To My Bestest Family and Friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful day and enjoying the hot summer days! This summer seems to be a little cooler to me compared to last and I am so grateful for it! JI have looked forward to e-mailing all morning because of the incredible experiences Sister Roberts and I have had! It is apparent how excited I get because I get ahead of myself with the detail of the lessons we have with our investigators;) For example…Gifton! Ok so this week we had 2 different lessons with him and he is just sooo humble! He is what I want to be! With the first lesson and the story in the Book Of Mormon about Alma comparing the word unto a seed …we were following up to see if he was able to read it and shared every little thing that we hope anyone would after they read that chapter! It was wonderful! He totally related himself to the scriptures and had the whole chapter highlighted! He marks his scriptures more than anyone else we have ever taught! And with the second lesson we were teaching the Plan Of Salvation and he was reading Alma 34:32 for us and there was a pause for a second as he kept reading beyond that particular verse. In verse 33 it talks about not procrastinating the day of our repentance and once again he likened the scriptures unto himself and told us that his life is a time to prepare to meet god and he was just telling a friend this morning he needs to stop procrastinating. It is perfect to say the least! He has not been able to come to church yet because of work but he committed to come this week! It will only get better and better for him as he feels of the truth of this gospel when he comes to church! Yay! We also had a special lesson with Jack at a member’s house and we were talking a lot about recognizing the spirit. At one point Jack was asking Josh and Colleen how they can feel the spirit of God in their lives and this BIG thunder came at that exact moment. Jack quietly said, is that the spirit?! We were laughing so hard and it was a cute comment but we reminded him it is a small and simple feeling, thought, etc! It was a special lesson because we could tell that this was the lesson that really captivated Jack. It made his desire to know what truth is even stronger. Jack has not come to church the last 2 weeks and we have another appointment with him tonight so hopefully the desire from that night has not decreased! We have also been blessed with the chance to teach these 2 brothers, Joey and George who are 12 and 10, and their mother Maggie is a part of the church but has not been on over 10 years. It is such a blessing and Heavenly Father blesses us continually each second! I know that this gospel is where the truth is and that Heavenly Father has a hand in all things! I am so blessed to know what I know, to feel what I feel, and to do what I get to do…spread this truth to all who seek it! In 2 weeks is transfer time and I am always get so nervous about it. I love it here so much! Sister Roberts is sure I am leaving this place but I am just not so sure! The only English Sisters area I have not been is the Bronx…only time will tell!J Well it is time to run some errands but I love you all so much! And miss you too! Until next week….XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Tamari Miller

July 29, 2009

To My Dearest Family And Friends!
I hope you are having a wonderful day! Sister Roberts and I have had such a miraculous week and all is well! Our week started off by getting a text for a referral and the guy is named Gifton! Gifton is very humble and this 38 year old man from Jamaica who just wants to get his life in order through our Father in Heaven! It really is neat to know that people do turn their heads in the right direction even though there is so much turmoil in the world! As we invited him to say the closing prayer he was very willing and as he did it made my heart smile. I am oh so grateful for the power of prayer! We are excited to see what happens as we continue to meet with him and share the main beliefs of Jesus Christ! Hopefully it will be in the affirmative direction and he will accept the date to be baptized August 30th, the date we extended. He is still praying to know but of course he will get his answer! How could he not?! As we were getting ready to go he told us he is excited to see if this seed in his heart grows and Sister Roberts and I quickly grabbed the Book Of Mormon and changed the reading we had for him to Alma 34! It was quite the shock for us! You should have seen our faces! J The other highlight of the week is going to the nursing home near our apartment and teaching a couple of ladies there! When we walk in they all greet us with big smiles on their faces and of course it makes me smile. Janice and Vicki are the two that show the most interest and currently we are working on getting them to church! Surprisingly, they are mobile enough to go but not at the same time. (I won’t go into those details!) Vicki actually looks like Mom to me and so I like being with herJ There is also this guy named Kenneth who lives there and he has no desire to meet with us but every desire to come to church! He was able to come last week and because he has told us, we know church is enough for him…for now! We get to meet with Jack tonight and we are excited to see him! He has so many wonderful questions and is the type that hungers for more. The only hang-up is that we found out he is 23!! It was such a shock for us! The Single’s Ward Elder’s contacted him on the street and referred him to us, the Family Ward because he looks 30 or so! And acts it too! Throughout time we found out his age and when we called the Elder’s to let them know his age they were laughing so hard! I must admit we weren’t because we don’t want to lose Jack! Although whether he starts going to the Single’s Ward or not…it is all the sameJ If you ask me, the Single’s Ward is perfect for him! Sister Roberts strongly discourages the Single’s Ward to anyone and so we will see what he decides! Guess what I found out yesterday?? President Smith’s brother in-law lives in EAGLE IDAHO! He lives in Two Rivers and is the Bishop for one of the Eagle Wards! …I can’t remember his last name! Such a small world, right?? To top off the week, Sister Roberts and I love to see the Temple and we were able to go to the Temple today! It was just what we were craving. I took the proximity for granted when we used to live in the City and I have learned a very important lesson!J Last night Sister Roberts and I felt like we were little kids going to Disney Land because we were so excited for today and could not fall asleep at all! It was just like being a little kid all over again! Well, time to go…I love you all and miss you lots! Until next week have a blessed day!XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

July 22, 2009

To My Wonderful Family And Friends!!
All is well in Connecticut and this week has been hard but yet so good! Talk about mixed emotions! The hard part is, is that Debbie backed out once again but the but the good thing about it is that we know she is not doing it just because and when she really does get baptized it will be for real! It still breaks my heart! Ah! She always is looking for fireworks and if you ask me she has had the best firework show ever!;) We know that others will be placed in our path that are prepared and will act sooner than later! After all, maybe I was right about what I said to Sister Potter a couple of Sunday’s ago. "It will be a few years" I don’t mind how long she takes I just hope she does it before she dies! Oh, our little Debbie! Our search for finding people is going well and yesterday we had a wonderful lesson on the Restoration with this lady named Lucile and at the end of the lesson she asked us if we were familiar with the Smith family. She said she thought they attended our church. Immediately we thought of this family with the same last name who have been investigating the church for years and have not yet been baptized! It turns out that Hawthorne (the dad of the Smith family) is Lucile’s nephew! It is such a small world! Anyway she loved the message and I was surprised because her sister (Hawthorne’s mom) is the one who disagrees with the teachings! Well, Lucile called us this morning and told us she does not want us to come back for the return appointment we had and it all makes sense! I am sure when one of the family members receives confirmation of the truth, the rest will follow! Maybe one day! At least we get to continue to meet with the Smith family! They have not called us;) Jack is doing great but because of how often we can meet with him it looks like his baptism will be towards the end of August…once he knows it is true of course! Well, Sister Roberts is waiting oh so patiently so it is time to run but I love you and miss you bunches! Until next week…XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Miller