Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 15, 2009

To My Adorable Family And Friends!!

Recently Auntie mailed me my blog via paper and it is so fun to read my e-mails home! Thank you Auntie!! I have found that sometimes my sentences don't make sense and that is what I get for being too excited to e-mail home! I think faster than I can type! Oopsies!

This week has been perfect and the weather is gorgeous! Sister Roberts is still deciding her feelings about the humidity but I feel right at home!:) I also miss the dry heat! They are both very nice! I can't believe I have not told you about President and Sister Smith yet! So get this, they are from Rexburg Idaho and President Smith is a wheat and potato farmer! He is an Attorney on the side...haha! It really is neat to see how different President Smith and Searle are from each other but to know they are both called of God really is special! The first time we met President Smith was at our last Mission Conference and as President and Sister Smith walked in the missionaries sang "Called To Serve" to we were singing I had this overwhelming sense of peace come over me and then I really new President and Sister Smith are the ones who are suppose to lead this mission! Although, I did think that from the beginning! We sure do miss President and Sister Searle and I will be forever grateful for what they have done for this mission and also me personally! They are such examples to me! I just love them!

So here I go changing the subject, I have the most exciting news that we just now received! JUST NOW! Our little Debbie! Here’s the update! Since Debbie decided not to get baptized we had not seen here for a while and she was only able to make it to church once during the last 6 weeks or so. We have been keeping our distance and not stopping over since she has been taught all of the lessons but this last Saturday we stopped over to say hello and Debbie told Sister Roberts and I that she is far from knowing that this is the only true church. It hurt our hearts because at one point she totally knew. Little did she know she still did but we think she talked herself out of it! (For the time being!)Well Sunday a member in our Ward invited us over for dinner and told us she is going to call Debbie also to see if she will come! Well, Debbie ended up coming and the spiritual thought Sister Roberts and I had for Sister Raguseo and Debbie was very simple and we were not even going to talk to Debbie about her "most recent feelings"! We have been extremely bold with her multiple times in the past and thought we would just have a simple and sweet message, in hopes that the spirit would teach her something…new (but not really new!) We watched part of the movie "A Giant Among Men" about President Hinckley and the spirit was so strong when President Hinckley was testifying about Jesus Christ! Have you seen it?? I was crying, Sister Roberts was crying, Sister Raguseo was crying, and last but not least Debbie was! As that part finished I could not help but say, "Debbie! It’s true!" Sister Raguseo quickly asked her when she was going to be baptized and Sister Roberts and I looked at each other with real big eyes like we could not believe it! That is not what Sister Roberts and I had planned but of course Heavenly Father had a plan of His own! Sister Raguseo is so in tune with the spirit and as Debbie and she talked, Debbie decided to pray about August 2nd! We were shocked! As a matter of fact, I told someone at church just that day, "I think it will be a few years before Debbie has the lightning strike her and she decides to commit to the only true church and is baptized!" How dare me!! It is all on Heavenly Fathers timing! Not anyone else’s! So last night we had a Family Home Evening with a couple other women in the Ward and just made it a fun "girls night!" Debbie really enjoyed it and our spiritual thought was on talents and how we need to develop them! We focused on spiritual talents and if we don’t act and do what the spirit tells us we will "lose" something special. Like Debbie "losing" her desire to act on what she once felt, was what we were shooting for. As Debbie left Sister Roberts and I gave her a CD with a song about The Road To Emmaus and because she loves that story so much in the Bible we thought she would also love this song. So here is the news... she called Sister Raguseo just today (we were at Sister Ragauseo’s doing laundry) and they were just chatting when Sister Raguseo quickly called is into the other room. We had no idea why and she said "Sisters, this is Debbie on the phone and she just officially decided she is going to be baptized and feels it is what she needs!!" AHH!! My heart is so happy! Debbie shared with us over the phone that she told all of her friends this morning and when she listened to that song it was speaking to her!! My testimony has been strengthened once again and my heart is full of gratitude! What a blessing!

Recently I had been praying that Sister Roberts will have a chance to have a baptism soon because she has yet to see one and when we were together the first time the baptism we did have took place in Utah. When she got transferred here, 3 weeks later she found out a guy she taught in Manhattan got baptized and SO badly she wanted to be there! I know how hard that is and I knew it would be possible for this to happen but I did not know who it would be! Yay! I am so thrilled!

Also, at the beginning of the week Sister Roberts and I were able to go to the hospital because we live so close to it and a family we are close to just had a baby! When we got there the husband was not there and Sister Yong was just sitting on the bed with the baby in the little basinet next to her. I was so excited to see such a precious child who just was recently in the presence of our Father in Heaven and I could not help but think of Kellen and Isaac who have been born since I left! I was so so happy and I even briefly got to hold him!! Don’t worry I did not break any rules, he started to cry and Sister Yong could not reach him so she asked me to pass him to her!! Does that count as holding?!?;) I miss kids so much!

Speaking of children, guess what we got to do Sunday?! We got to go into a couple Primary rooms and talk about what missionaries do! It was so cute to see the kids excitement about missionary work and even more adorable to see how they are such great missionaries already! It was such a tender mercy for me! Other than that, tonight we have another lesson with Jack and look forward to see how he is doing! We have not been able to see him for a while because he has been out of town! Ok, it is time to run but I love you all soo much and hope you are having a wonderful day! Can you believe we are half way through July?? I can’t!

Until next week….XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 7, 2009

To My Spectacular Family!!
Hi! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!! Sister Roberts and I loved having a curfew of 6pm because we were able to plan, eat dinner, and go to bed before 9pm! I loved it! I know mom is going to be so proud of me because I go to bed at the same time she does, whenever I have the chance!;) This week has been another blessing in my life, we met this guy named Jack (He always makes me think about Jack Jones!) who had many questions about the church and after our lesson he accepted a baptismal date for July 28th! He came to church the following Sunday and is definitely progressing in a positive direction! We are so excited for him! On MondayI was nervous I was going to get transfered since transfers are today and we got our phone call Monday eveningbut thankfully Heavenly Father did not transfer myself or Sister Roberts! We are here at least 6 more weeks! Yay! I love this gospel so much and feel so blessed to be a part of it! I know others are waiting to hear what I know and feel! There is nothing I want more than to share it! So thatswhat we will do:)...until next week....XOXO!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1, 2009

To My Amazing Family!
No drought in finding the elect this week!:) We had such a wonderful week in finding and look forward to the next return appointments we get with these people! One is tonight! My heart has been filled with joy and my eyes filled with tears as we taught Chantel's (our investigator from Africa) brother in- law...who has been visiting from Africa! He came to church this week and we were able to teach him about the Restoration during Sunday School with a member who speaks French so he could translate into Thomas' native language for us! As we taught and testified the spirit was overwhelmingly strong and it all made sense to Thomas! All throughout the lesson he was thanking Sister Roberts and I. He would share with us how happy he is to bring this back to Africa and share it with all. I wish I could describe to you how I felt but it is hard to put into words. He told us he sees missionaries often but never knew what they taught. He truly has been prepared for this message and I am grateful for him and how he has strengthened my testimony! I will never forget the lesson with him. As we walked out of the classroom the last thing Thomas said to us was, "keep doing what you are doing, you will change the world." If anyone is going to change the world, it is him. He is the one who is going to go to Africa and invite others to hear the words of Christ from the missionaries there! We sure can't do that!:) Monday as a mission we sang the primary song "We'll Bring the World His Truth" to President and Sister Searle since today is there last day!:( ...and that is my bring to world his truth, or at least the people here in Norwalk and Darien;) Well, I love you all and miss you bunches! Have a spectacular 4th of July and until next week....XOXO!
Sister Miller

June 24, 2009

My Dearest Family!
Hello! I hope you are having such a good day! Not too much is new this week and I must say although it has been raining so much in Connectcut as missionaries and in our area, there seems to be a drought with finding the elect!! I hope we can change that this week! You will be the first to know:) Unitl then....I love you all so much!...XOXO!
Love always,
Sister Miller

June 17, 2009

My Dearest Family!
Hi! I hope you are all having such a wonderful day and all is well! Everything is going SO good in Connecticut and Sister Roberts and I are enjoying every second!!I continue to be so grateful to be back with her again! As I have mentioned in the past, we tract every single day for hours, unless we have appointments:) and have had some neat experiences with elderly people that are home but we are still hoping for more!!:) One lady was named Elizebeth she is 95 years old! The unbelievable thing is that she had never heard of the church! Can you believe it! She is very sharp also! Unlike Grandma Swim;() She understands so much and but was not interested beyond that appointment. We were happy we were able to share our beliefs with her and give her a Book Of Mormon! Debbie is doing well but still at a brick wall! We know Heavenly Father will knock down that wall soon but she wants to know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING before he knocks down that brick day it will happen! Chantel (the mother from Africa) came to church this Sunday for her 1st time and she enjoyed it so much! We are praying that Chantel and Cindy (her daughter) will be baptized soon but Chantel is still unsure about the authority so we will continue to do what we can with her to help her understand we are the only church on Earth that has the authority to baptize! Sister Roberts and I are determined to get let in as we knock doors in Darien (the other part of our area where very wealthy people live) but nothing as of yet!! Well Sister Roberts is waiting so I must run but I love you all so much and miss you bunches! I hope you Fathers have a wonderful Father's Day!! Until next week...XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Miller