Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009

To My Wonderful Family And Friends!!
Hi! I hope you are having a great week! I wish I had time to e-mail you last week because so many amazing things happened and then there was the not -so- good but my oh my I just love this mission! When we came to the library last week it was only open for 5 more minutes and so hence the reason there was no e-mail! Ok so get this! Our little Debbie..the "permanent seeker" who has found the truth! Well it came to the day of her baptismal interview and she was unsure if she could committ to paying 1/10 of her income for tithing but she must committ in order to be baptized. Sister Sturm and I went over to her home Saturday afternoon and had the biggest prayer in our heart that we could teach this lesson once again and hope that she would committ. Lets just say, our lesson began with Debbie telling us over and over that "it was just not possible to financially pay 1/10" and then ended with the sweet spirit filled in each one of us and testifying to Debbie the importance of paying the 1/10 and the blessing it is to do so. I have never been so touched and come to be converted myself of the importance of tithing! It was so amazing! Well Saturday night Debbie had her interview for her baptism and it went great! Sister Sturm and I were soooo happy for her and to witness all of these things that have happened over the last 5 weeks come even more true! Her baptism was planned for this last Saturday May 24th and we were sure it was happening but sadly enough Debbie ended up deciding that she is not ready at this point and wants to study and learn more. The day she told Sister Sturm and I this we felt like we just got dumped! Our hearts hurt...they still do:) The best part is is that she is still going to keep coming to church, go to activities with members, and we will meet with her once in a while but we just know that she knows! We want her to act now to enjoy all of the blessings that are entitled as she follows Christ's footsteps but it is just not at this time! She has had SO many different whispers testify to her what she needs to do and we just remind her to call upon those nights and to continue to do what she is already doing! Well time to run but I love you all so much and miss you bunches! I look forward to next week to tell you what happened at tranfers today!!! Until next time....XOXO!

May 13, 2009

To My Family And Friends!
I am SO bummed my last e-mail did not send!! I am unsure what happened when I hit "send" but the computer started to flicker! But I was sure the e-mail was safe! Oh well!
I hope you Mother's had a wonderful Mother's Day and your children/husbund were perfect little angels for you all day! And every other day of the week!:) I sat in Sacrament Meeting in church Mother's Day and cried when the kids sang "Mother I love You"! It was so cute! I must say it is a tender mercie for me to be in a family ward over Mother's Day just so I can see the kids sing to their MAMA's!:) I love it! When I called mom that night we laughed about the days when I would go up and sing on Mother's Day! If only I knew then what I knew now, I would have been more obedient!:)
These last 2 weeks have been filled with so many memories and it makes this "vacation" of mine go by too fast! Shanee and Anthony got married May 2nd, Shanee got baptized by Anthony May 3rd, since he had just gotten the Priesthood the week prior to! This next year they will be striving to do what is right so they can be sealed together with their little boy Yasir in 1 year! Vivian is Anthony's Aunt who introduced him to us and she tells us people to see all of the time! Vivian also has a daughter named Ashley who is in the same position as Anthony and she and her boyfirend are praying to know if they should be married so he can be baptized! John (Ashley's boyfriend) wants it so bad and we love to see the desire within him to know if this is true. They currently live together with Vivian and we love being able to meet with them each week and we have so much fun and love the spirit that is in our lessons! Last night we stopped by and Vivian whispered to us to ask Ashley about the engagement ring she wore the other day and Ashley just smiled and said she is just still waiting for confirmation to know if she should marry John. Sister Sturm and I are trying to continue to be intstruments in God's hands every second and are fasting and praying for John and Ashley to get the confirmation of what they need to do! I just love the people we meet and seeing them experience the happiness this gospel brings!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April 30, 2009

To My Adorable Family and Friends!!
I hope you are all doing so good and enjoying the warm whether where ever you are! It has been wonderful weather here and when it is hot we just crank the AC in our car....what a blessing! This week has been amazing and I just love every moment! I thought for some time that I would never get Manhattan out of my mind but as we have seen many miracles in doing missionary work here I have come to love and gain a testimony that it does not matter where I am just as long as people can hear the message about Jesus Christ and his church that is now on the Earth! Yesterday for P-Day we went to the Temple and when we got there I asked Sister Sturm what she wanted to do while we waited for the other Sisters...she replied "you are the one who knows the City" (she has only been serving in CT since she got here) and my response was "lets go contact!" Her jaw dropped but that is all I am used to and still miss it! I am trying to get over the fact that when we plan it is no longer travel and contact for our back up but that it is travel and drive for our back up! I just want everyone we see to know why we are serving missions! This church has the permanent truth and I know it! Ok so speaking of permanent truth, we have been teaching a lady who id 56 and raised Catholic and just liked learning about our religion but thats it...she says she is a premanent seeker in other faiths. Anyway, she came to church on Sunday and loved it! We stopped by Sunday night and invited her to be baptized May 17th and she is just SO excited! She is no longer a permanent seeker and has found the permanent truth by simply coming to church and feeling the spirit! I love it so much! Anthony propsed to hid girlfriend on Monday night in front of Sister Sturn and I and she is getting married and baptized this weeekend! YAY!!! I will be sure to send pictures asap! Well, time to go! I love you all!
Love, Sister Miller