Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Voice

Sister Miller is home, but for my last post I wanted to share the lyrics to a song I listened to many times while she was gone on her mission, and each time it reminded me of her and the work she was engaged in. The work we are all engaged in. Each time it brought tears to my eyes...

ONE VOICE Dustin Glehill

I am just one voice, but one voice can still be heard
I have made the choice to seal my witness with my word
Changed by Holy fire, that is burned into my soul
Filled with new desire, that calls me now to go

I am just one voice, but one voice can carry far
Rising through the noise of a world so damp and dark
Shining bright and clear, to those with eyes to see
Honest hearts will hear the truth that lives in me

One but not alone, a thousand voices sing
Praises at the throne of our Master and our King
With one voice, one voice

I am just one voice, but a voice of light and hope
Grateful I rejoice as I share the gift I hold
I will search with all my strength for the humble and the meek
Praying they'll recieve the simple truth I speak

One but not alone, a thousand voices sing
Praises at the throne of our Master and our King
With one voice, one voice

He was just one voice, but one voice that changed the earth
Teaching love and peace to a lost and weary world
I am just one voice, but one voice that will be heard
I have made the choice to seal my witness with my word

We are all so incredibly proud of Tamari and the wonderful Sister that she is. She's a true follower of Christ, and her sacrifice has been an example to all of us! We love you, Sister Miller!

P.S. I think Sister Miller will be blogging some more of her experiences, so check back soon!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 10, 2009

"Eternally Indebted"

To My Beautiful Friends and Family!!

I hope you are having an amazing week! Let me tell you, this week has been so special for Sister Johanson and I! Pete was baptized this last Saturday and on Sunday he recevied the gift of the Holy Ghost! He bore his testimony at his baptism that pierced my heart and it is moments like that that I am so grateful for the gospel and the capability it has to strengthen each and every one of Heavenly Father's children!! He loves each one of us so much! It truly is most wonderful time of the year to be a missionary for the only true church on earth! With that being said, I love the spirit of Christmas and joy it brings to each one of our hearts! It is apparent that hearts really are softened and thoughts are focused on the birth of our Savior. During this season, we love passing out hot chocolate, candy canes, copies of The Book Of Mormon, Joy to the World DVD's, singing Christmas Carols, etc! etc! and trying our best to share the best message of that we know about Jesus Christ! Oh how I love my mission to pieces and I am eternally indebted to my Father in Heaven for the blessings I have witnessed on my mission and the blessing it has been in my life! I am grateful for the Savior, the life he lived and lives today! I know that it is through him that we can return to live with our Father in Heaven and this is his gospel for each and every one of us to be a part of! My mission of sharing this will never be over but it is about that time that my mission continues elsewhere?!? I am in denial. I love you bunches and will see you soon but until then we are sprinting even faster than before!

Love you always,
Sister Miller
Sister Wynkoop has a translation for all of you.....

Alma 27: 16-17

And it came to pass Sister Miller was going forth into the Minneapolis airport, that she...met her family over in the place which has been spoken; and behold, this was a joyful meeting. Now the joy of Sister Miller was so great even that she was full; yea, she was swallowed up in the joy of her God, even to the exhausting of her strength; and fell again to the earth.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 2, 2009

"One after Another!"

To My Lovely Family And Friends!!

You will never believe it!!! I just love my life and feel so blessed every single second!! Guess what happened to Sister Johanson and I?!? It was Sunday November 22nd and church was over. We were finishing our studies and saying a prayer together and pleading with the Lord to help us find that 1 last baptism! For that evening all we had planned was contacting people on the streets of NYC and hoping a miracle would happen!!! Little did we know Heavenly Father had 1 in store!!:) When we were finished with our prayer, praying so specifically! We looked at our phone, which had been on silent and but within minutes we had a missed call from Pete!! Do you remember Pete?? Sister Wadsworth and I taught him a little like 7 months ago and since then he had been meeting with the missionaries and coming to church but nothing really had come of it! ....until now!! We thought maybe he was calling to decide a day to have us over for dinner because we briefly talked about that at church that day. But when we called back we asked him what we could do for him and this was his response..."Sisters I am ready to be baptized!" Sister Johanson and I could not hold it back!!! We were just sooo happy!!:) It was like the Yankee's won the World Series or something!!!;) Our hearts were full and they still are!! We asked when he would like to do it and he told us "before the 2 of you go home!" It was music to our ears! Pete is a med student and will accomplish a lot in his life, especially within the church!! He has so much to offer! Just when I feel like things can't get any better, they do! Later thhat evening we got a phone call from the Elder's that are now serving in Connecticut and they had news for me...Chantel and Cindy got baptized that day! The cute mother and daighter from Africa that just are so humble and pure. One blessing after another, I just love it and I am so grateful! And they keep then on Thursday Sister Johanson and I were walking home from a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and the streets of Manhattan were was so weird to us! The weather was pretty and our day was wonderful! We went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade at 6 am and got front row seats so needless to say, we were so tired! But I was quickly awakened when we got another random call. The number was unfamiliar to us and to my delight it was Sister Raguseo in Connecticut and she was with Debbie! Sister Raguseo told me Debbie wanted to say hi and at that moment I knew, I knew she was going to tell me something special! And she did!! Debbie told me she will be getting bapitzed December 13th and knows this is the prefect timing!! I cried tears of joy once again on my mission and I could not be happier! I know this gospel is true and can only bring a spirit of joy into lives! I just love this work and there is nothing that could bring me more joy at this time! Thank you for your love and all that you do to uplift me! I love you guys bunches!! As President Searle used to tell us when he was going home...."we are sprinting to the end!" Although I feel like this mission is never going to end because it is all I know and all I want to be doing!! With that being said...its time to go and find more Pete's, Debbie's, Chantel's, Cindy's, etc!!:)

Love you always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November 18, 2009

"The Perfect Plan:)"

To My Lovliest Family And Friends!

I have mixed emotions and I have been so down but yet my heart is full of happiness because of the perfect plan Heavenly Father has laid out for us! So I got Crysty's e-mail last week and it slightly mentioned sorry to hear about Grandma Swim. I was shocked and my heart sunk. I had no idea what could be wrong with Grandma and I know mom would have called if she passed away. I immediately called the mission office and when Sister Farnsworth answered I asked her if mom had called and told her anyhting about Grandma. She quickly expressed concern and asked if President called me. I replied saying no and she felt so bad and I guess there was a mix up. President got busy with taking care of all of us and he forgot to call me and let me know that Grandma Swim had passed away:( Right away President told Sister Fanrsworth I could call mom and so when I did she answered the phone happy as can be and I was devistated to say the least! How could mom be so happy? Grandma Swim is my everything and has taught me so much! Not to forget, the teachings of the gospel...especially eternal marriage! She would always tell me to be married in the temple and the best kind of men are those return her cute way!:) After talking with mom and Maria I was quickly assured it was for the better but still so sad and then mom even reminded me a couple of things that brought me more comfort. One of those things including the Plan of happiness and knowing that I will will one day be with Grandma again! This week has been such a tender mercy for me because I have had little things happen where I have felt my Savior's love and his comfort. So although I am sad being away from home (more than ever before!) I know that I am ok. To name a tender mercy or 2 that brought me happiness is that the day after I found out about this Sister Johanson and I had a scheduled split with the west side sisters because they had 2 appointments to cover and needed some help. The lesson Sister Wadsworth and I were on with their investigator was the Plan Of Salvation and it brought tears to my eyes. I was able to testify of what I know to be true about the Plan to Angelia and it could not have been more sweet for me. How special to feel the Savior's hand stretched out to me and to be able to teach this at that specific time. It could not have been better! Another little thing, on Monday night we had a dinner appointment with a random family in a family ward who just wanted to feed the sisters and at the conclusion of dinner we were talking to Krista and Fabio about November 22nd which is the "Special Thanksgiving Sunday" and every member of the NY Stake has been extended the challege to bring a friend to church. Well, Fabio was telling us about a girl who is single in one of his classes at NYU and he is trying to invite her and wants us to meet her as soon as possible because she is very interested in the church. She had a roommate in Boston that was a member and this girl always remembered that about her. Well guess what her name is?!?! Eleanor!! Grandma's name! Talk about perfection!! I know this gospel is true and I want the world to hear the perfect plan that has been laid out for us! So with that being said, it is time to go out for the evening but I love you all and miss you lots. Until next time...XOXO!

Love you always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11, 2009

"Just Right!"

To My Family and Friends!

So get this!! Transfer calls came on Monday night and guess what happened?!?! Sister Johanson and I were totally right and we get to be together another 5 weeks!! We were sure that was President's purpose anyways but what a blessing it is for us. I got a letter from mom this week and she mentioned how happy she was that I am with Sister Johanson and there is no better way to end my mission. Isn't that the truth!! Like always, each day we are searching high and low to find that one person and we know someone needs the joy from the gospel and we are not going to give up. We are working harder now than ever before. Sister Johanson contacted someone on Monday and we were sure that this girl was going to be that 1 person we have been looking for. She was so sweet. Well the next day came around and we got to the church just in time for our appointment! We contacted on the street since she was not there and we were waiting and waiting and waiting and then we decided to call her to make sure she did not get lost or anything. We call the number and it was false!!! Story of our lives!! We went back out and had a blast talking to people. As you can imagine, the reactions we get from people are entertaining and sometimes sad! Yesterday I contacted this guy from Minnesota and I asked him what book he was reading. He told me "The Great Gatsby" so I asked what grade he was in....thinking he was in high school?!? He quickly replied and told me he is getting his Masters and no he was not interested in The Book Of Mormon, he was Athiest (as he got up and walked off the train)!! Silly me!! This morning was special for me because Debbie and Sister Raguseo came down from Connecticut and we got to have lunch together, walk around Rockelfeller Plaza, and see the Veteran's Day Parade. Debbie is doing well but still not baptized or anything. She goes to church and different activites at church and still feels a great peace there. I wonder why!;) She told me today she really does have a testimony of Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon, etc. and it just touched my heart. One day she will act on that testimony and feel the blessings that come from baptism and I look forward to that day. I love you all lots and miss you bunches...the Elder's just came in to e-mail their families so it is time to run! Until next time....XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October 21, 2009

To My Lovely Family and Friends!

Guess what?? Yesterday we had a conference and President pulled us aside at the end and told Sister Wynkoop they need her in China town!! We are all so sad and she gets emergency transfered tomorrow!How crazy!! At least the emergency transfer is for a good reason!:) Sister Johanson and I are going to miss her like crazy but we still will see her around. These last 3 weeks we have been so happy to be together and it has been amazing to say the least! Each week we have found 1 new person to teach and our success as a companionship was increasing every single second! ONE good thing about this for Sister Johanson and I is that we can start eating less and lose some weight! Hehe. Wynkoop loves to eat and cook and so Johanson and I never followed through with our original diet when we thought we would! My oh my! Ok well time to run around this City so Wynkkop can have 1 last hoo-ra but I love you all and miss you soo much! Until next time....XOXO!

Love you always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30, 2009

"Sunshine in my soul!!!"

I have like 30 seconds today and so let me tell you the reason I have sunshine in my soul!! Ok, so today was my surprise I got transferred from the Bronx!! Once again, I did not write about the "transfers coming up" because I was sure I would stay there! Sister Luedtke and I were in denial!! We did not want to leave each other, I did not want to leave the people, and I was just shocked that that was the news I received Monday night!! Well today came around and I was so unsure what could be going on. I thought Heavenly Father wanted me in the Bronx the next couple on months!! Well here is what happened, I got to transfers and 2 Sister missionaries got training calls and so I knew I was not going to be with them and I thought maybe I was getting put into a Spanish area with a Spanish speaking sister or something because there was no place for me to go with the English sisters!!! So we get into the chapel and Elder Bishoff announces "Sister Miller and Sister Johanson will be training Sister Wynhoop!!!" AHH!! The assistants to the President saw the shock of joy on our faces and came up to me and apologized they did not call! (Which was totally understandable because of how busy they are!!) But let me tell you... I came out with Sister Johanson! We lived together in the MTC in Utah, lived together in the West Side oF Manhattan, and every single time we have seen each other throughout the year (when we did not live together) we have always told each other that we were still praying to be together as companions one day!! My prayer has been answered even though it was completely unexpected but oh how blessed I am!!! And guess where I got sent?!?! Back to the East Side of Manhattan in the singles ward where I was in April!!! I am just so grateful and so excited to be with Sister Wynhoop and Johanson and to teach every single person!!;) I miss Sister Luedtke but I know Heavenly Father has had this planned all along. Wow! Ok, I am going to run but I love you all and miss you so much!!! Will someone please call mom and tell her because I did not get to write her today!! She is going to be ecstatic to know where I am!! :)
Until next time...XOXO!

Love you always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23, 2009

"Sweet Is the Work!"

To My Lovely Family And Friends!

Today is our Conference cleaning and basically like the week before General Conference we clean our apartment until it looks brand new!! I am going to do this the rest of my life because it feels so good afterwards! I love it! So we just finished and came to e-mail and even though I feel disgusting I am just so excited to tell you about our amazing experiences! Right now we are teaching that guy we met on the street that showed up at church, Bobby! Each week we meet him at this Park on Saturday afternoons and this Saturday inparticular was so amazing and unique at the same time! Get this! During our lesson this big group of people from the Baptist church gathered very close to us and started singing, preaching, and praising The Lord!!! I felt like I was in a movie as as we were having this wonderful lesson! It was too funny yet amazing! Sweet is this work! We also just found 3 new people on Monday that have been taught in the past. My heart is full and I am so grateful for all that I have been given! My favorite hymn still remains...Because I have been given much I too must give!! Well, I am going to run but I love you bunches and miss you even more!! Always remember to choose the right and I will write you guys in another short 7 days!!! Until then....XOXO!

Love you always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009

"When the Saints Come Marching In!"

To My Fabulous Family and Friends!

Hi! I feel so blessed to have been here over 9/11 and this year we did not meet anyone personally effected but it is apparent that hearts are softened on that day in particular. Last year in Manhattan President Obama was at Columbia University and we contacted near campus and we saw lots of fire trucks driving around with slideshows on them in memory towards those who lost their lives or were effected and in the Bronx this year it was a rainy dreary day so we did not see or experience the same things as last year! Either way it is a blessing to be a missionary in New York during this time and even though we did not meet anyone ourselves …perhaps other missionaries did:) All continues to go wonderful in the Bronx and I just love the people here! I have a picture I am mailing home that will share with you what it is like being here! Every letter I get from mom, she shares her natural concern for my safety but I have never felt safer in my life than on my mission! The Lord surely protects us in all things as missionaries!:) It drives me crazy she asks all of the time and if anyone has taught me I am safe in life in general it is mom because I have the precious gift of the Holy Ghost! I just have to remind her!:) So last Wednesday I had a little bug of the flu but not really, I just felt yucky and thankfully it went away before we had to go out for the night! On the other hand, all of the Sisters I live with were incredibly sick and we spent a total of 2 more days total in the apartment. Sickness took over the Lord’s servants this week and it sure was no fun for my Sisters! The other companionship we live with are Spanish speaking sisters and it is so fun for all of us to be together! It just so happened and worked out that we were able to cover all appointments in both areas by going on splits with the Hermanas and the other 2 who were more ill at the time stayed home! I loved being able to be with those Hermanas at their appointments and having the spirit witness to me the gospel is for all of Heavenly Fathers children! I just love it! And guess what I got to do yesterday??!? I went on a split back to my first area in Manhattan and just felt sooo ecstatic to be there with my old companion Sister Wadsworth! She and I were only together that short 6 weeks on the East Side of Manhattan and now she is where I was! We were able to have many great appointments with the success they are having in that area and I also got to see Maritza, Guillaume, Charolette, and Michael!! It was just amazing to say the least!! Maritza has been doing ok but she still has a strong testimony of the gospel. She attends church like 2 times a month and is working on being at church weekly. Here smiling face just brightened my life! When Sister Wadsworth and I sang with Guillaume “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” it brought back memories of teaching Guillaume with Sister Dantes and I just loved being able to see the glow on his face because of the gospel. I have never cried more tears of joy in my life than on my mission. Guillaume told me in his thick cute Hatian accent that he passes the sacrament weekly andI wish I could have recorded it! He is preparing to receive his endowment hopefully by December and that would be really special to be able to witness that. Oh how I love this work! Charloette and Michael are just the cutest kids ever and although there mother Claudia does not go to church weekly the kids get a ride or travel on the subway with other families so they can be there! Although they may be young they are such examples to me and will be forever as they stay on this path!! So to top off the week, when we were coming back to the Bronx last night we saw the drummer in the subway that we see often and he recognizes “the sisters”! We always smile and wave and he pointed to us and said in his microphone “ it is the sisters from the Latter Day Saints” and started singing “Of when the saints come marching in…!” Each day we are trying to “march” into peoples apartments and the success will only increase! I look forward to the miracles in store this next week!! Well I love you so much, it is time to go to the Bronx Zoo with the Sisters and Elders! Until next time….XOXO!

Love you always,
Sister Miller

Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 9, 2009

"Having a little hope"

To My Dearest Family and Friends!

I feel a little sick today and so this will be short!! Sister Luedtke was sick 2 full days this week and we were cooped up in the apartment which seemed like prison!!!! I sat on the couch and read the Ensign to her, listened to talks, made some phone calls, wrote some recent converts, etc. and the agenda repeated itself quite a few times!! Thankfully, she is well now all due to the priesthood power!!:) So this last weekend was the 1 year mark of Lisa Beyl's baptism and confirmation and it brought back so many memories of when Sister Buhler and I met and taught her!! She has moved to Ecuador since then but I have found out she is engaged and was going through the temple at her one year mark! I was so excited! My heart is so happy and it makes me reflect upon the reasons I served a mission!!:) Everyone needs the blessings this gospel brings ...if we just do our part!!:) We had such a good week despite Sister Luedtke being sick and have worked as hard as possible to make up for those lost days! I just felt so bad for her! I am afraid I have the flu right now but at least it is a day I can try my best to relax and get rid of it:) Anyway, on Sunday Sister Luedtke taught me a big lesson and showed me that I just can't is the story. So Sister Luedtlke has been out about 9 weeks now on her mission. In this area it has been the most difficult on my mission for us to find people who porgress and actually come to church and we always try to change that around!! Although it is common for us to committ people on the street they typically don't come and I learned that quick when I first came on my mission! :) Well we still committ random people like crazy since they don't want to give their address or number and hope to see miracles. My first Sunday with Sister Luedtke she leaned over to me during sacrament meeting and goes " I really thought all of those people would come to church today maybe they are here and invisible!" (That is how optimistic she is!) Well Saturday we did another random committ to this guy named Bobby and I told Sister Luedtke ..."you really think HE is going to come? I will have to repent if he shows up!" Sure enough on Sunday Bobby walked in the doors and I smiled so big!! I felt ashamed for thinking for a split second he would not come and that is something I will never do again. Now I know I just need to have more hope like my companion!!! I am grateful for the things I learn from my companions and even though it was a humbling experience when I first came on my mission, I know I needed to learn important things that have changed my life! I hope you are all doing sooo good and having a blessed day. I miss you all and thank you for your letters, e-mails, and prayers. Your thoughtfulness means the world to me!!

Love you always,
Sister Miller

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

September 2, 2009

"This Beautiful World!"

Hola Mami Y Papi!
This morning we were doing our laundry at the laundry mat and to our surprise there were all of the little kids in their uniforms going to school!! It seems like yesterday when school was getting out! My oh my! So, nothing is really new this week but Sister Luedtke and I have felt so good about being together! She is always so happy and it makes mission life so much easier to have a companion like her! We live with 2 spanish speaking sisters and we love coming home to them and night too! When I was CT it was just my companion and I living together and that was relaxing but it is nice to be back with roommates!! So about the work, each day we are trying to build the Lord’s kingdom and have seen much of the fruits of our labors! We have had many successful appointments and not only with new people but with less actives that have not been to church in a long time. In our area we have a total of 6 active people going to church and so we are trying our best to increase that! Isn’t that shocking?! When President and Sister Smith first came into the mission and he was introducing themselves, one of the things he said is that he comes from a neighborhood where his ward consist of 2 blocks total and on those 2 blocks not one person is going less-active!! Our ward has a total of 8 of us missionaries and so the vicinity for our ward is huge but there are just so many people that aren’t going to church! We hope to change that! On Sunday I was able to speak in sacrament meeting with 3 of our Elders and we spoke about missionary work! I had the chance to talk about serving others through ways of sharing the gospel and it helped me to recognize what I personally can do better! Sister Luedtke and I have many opportunities to be of service to Heavenly Fathers children in the Bronx and we pray every single second that more will accept us! : ) One person we found is from Elders who taught her in the past and her name is Terese! One reason she did not get baptized was because her friend who lived in Brooklyn could not get baptized in this area and it was disturbing to her. She did not really get why but now she does Another factor in the picture is that she was trying to quit smoking. She told us other Sisters tried to see her in the past but they never showed up for appointments when she was expecting them. As we know, there is a reason behind everything and one reason I feel as though we met her now and are able to teach her is because she and Sister Luedtke can relate a lot! Therese is trying to quit smoking once again and Luedtke had to do the same thing when she was taking the lessons from the Elders! Luedtke shares a lot of things that helped her and Therese just appreciates it so much! It is really cute! There just might be a baptism around the corner for us!! We keep saying we know it is coming! And how could I forget? Guess what I got to do yesterday?! I went on a split back to CT with my former companion from the MTC and Manhattan…Sister Dantes! Not only did I get to see the pretty trees again but we were able to have an appointment with the family from Africa (Chantel and Cindy) and it just made me so happy! I never had the chance to say bye to them when I got transferred because they were out of town but Heavenly Father provided a way! He always does! Chantel and the kids are so humble and grateful for what we do. Little do they know how grateful I am for them. Chantel is one who just does not really have the complete desire to be baptized right now and although I wish she did I completely understand and we can’t force her. We have taught her multiple times that this church is the only one with the authority to baptize but she goes back to her Catholic roots and being baptized Catholic is good for now. Although there is not a baptism with proper authority in physical sight for her and Cindy I know there will be one day and I am grateful for the things we were able to teach her. Maybe we met them when we did and had the relationship we did for Thomas!! The man who changed my world!: ) Chantel told me yesterday Thomas is trying to get all of his friends in his city in Africa to meet with the missionaries and he goes on the church website to give their address so missionaries will show up. How touching it was to hear that. I also found out from Sister Roberts that Chris is getting baptized next month in Utah. Of course that was just as amazing! Ok time is up….but I love you bunches and hope you have a wonderful day and enjoying the fall weather! It is so nice here! Until next time, XOXO!

Love you Always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Attention, Please....

Please mail all letters to the Bronx address because we recently recevied the news that USPS will no longer forward mail we get sent to us from the mission home! Thank you for all of the wonderful letters and e-mails!:) I just love them!

1414 White Plains Road Bronx NY 10462

August 26, 2009

"Drowning in Joy"

To My Loving Family and Friends!!
I know I use the word a lot and I am repetitive but there is no better way to describe the feelings I feel every moment as I get to serve for my Father in Heaven! I truly continue to drown in joy everyday! As I have mentioned in the past getting transferred to Connecticut was the most humbling experience of my mission and very difficult for me to leave the City. I was so sad! Once I was actually in Connecticut I fell in love with it there SO fast that I forgot the love I have for New York. I love this place! So let me tell you about my last week in Connecticut. It was miraculous! Although Sister Roberts and I did not see a baptism together, we had many moments of feeling the spirit and being able to teach that mean so much to me! I am forever grateful for that! 2 weeks ago now Sister Roberts and I got a phone call from a member in the Ward and he asked us to come over and teach his little sister in-laws boyfriend! We were excited for the appointment and to be able to teach Chris! To tell you about Chris he just graduated high school and applied to BYU and University of Utah! He got accepted to both and thought it was funny he had to got through 3 interviews for his application for BYU, hehe! He is one smart kid! He decided to go to University of Utah and we had a total of 5 days to teach him everything before he left for school! He wanted to know every little thing about the church even though he has been immersed in it for a while since he has been dating Victoria! Talk about prepared! Well in a total of 4 days we taught him all of the lessons and it could not have been better! We are excited to here what the future holds for him and I know he will be a stalwart in the church when he really decides to act on it. One of my favorite lessons was when we taught The Gospel of Jesus Christ and at the beginning of the lesson Sister Roberts asked him if he knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book of Mormon is true! Chris thoughtfully replied with a yes and with his response Matt (Victoria’s brther in-law) asked how so? He said he is taking a leap of faith based on the feelings he has felt at church and during our appointments. I have thought a lot about that and how grateful I am for the principle of faith and how important it really is. I often wish others had the faith he has but then again we all have our agency and need to choose for ourselves! The last week Sister Roberts and I were together was perfect as perfect can be and that is just how Heavenly Father had it set up for us! I feel so blessed! No matter where I am serving I know that nothing can stop this work from progressing! : ) I know all throughout my mission I have felt like there have been a lot of perfect weeks and a lot of not so perfect weeks. To share with you the joy I feel I must tell you about another perfect week that I have had with Sister Luedtke! 2 for 2 ;) Yesterday sums it up…let me share what happened. We had an appointment fall through at 6pm and we were bummed. But not for long! We stop and talked to 2 gentlemen and got a return appointment with each! We went to do our back-up plans and got on the bus. First of all, it was our favorite bus driver and second of all we ran into Rose who is a lady we taught the day before and is a new investigator for us! We looked up Sister Brown from church and she was not home so we are walking down Evergreen and stop to talk to a lady. Auna told us she used to go to the church in the DR with her sister and has wanted to go here! Once again, we got another return appointment and gave her the address. We left that to make our way to another look-up we had and we turned onto Weston and there was a lady who smiled really big at us and we stopped to talk with her. Eva told us Sisters used to teach her in the DR and she wants us to see pictures so we set up another return appointment! As we kept going down Watson we ran into a family that has not been to church for 10 years and they were parking there car. We had previously stopped by a few days before to talk with them and share a message but it was still a tender mercy for us! We left Watson to get to Boynton where we had an appointment in due time with a lady and as we were walking this man in front of us had a bag of books that broke and the books fell all over street. We were able to help him pick up the books since it was noticeably difficult for him and just like Auntie I happened to have an extra bag in my back pack!! LOL! I use plastic bags to keep my things dry and Heavenly Father had an empty one for Francisco!!: ) I am not that much like Auntie!;) As we were walking to the corner of Boynton and Westchester to meet Amy (someone who has also not been to church for a while) at McDonalds we stopped and talked to the police on the street who are always in 2’s and make us feel safe! They loved hearing about what we do and have never heard about the church! We had a great lesson with Amy at McDonalds of all places and before we new it it was time for home. We got on the bus and when we got off at our stop to our surprise there were 4 of our Elders waiting to get on the bus and with smiles on their faces they quickly sang "As Sister In Zion" to us. It was too cute and perfecting ending to the day. Even though we experience days complete opposite of this I am grateful for the days we experience the not so good because such days as this make up for it. Well, it is time to run and get to those people who know nothing about the church ( I am still shocked to meet so many people who know nothing!) but I love you all and miss you more!:) Until next time…..XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Miller
P.S. Sister Luedtke is basically the most optimistic companion I have ever had!! We are having too much fun and it is such a blessing! Not that other comps were not positive but I just feel SO blessed!
P.P.S My new address in the Bronx that is very safe is: 1414 White Plains Road Bronx NY 10462

Friday, August 21, 2009

August 19, 2009

"Welcome to the hood"
To My Amazing Family and Friends!!
Who would have thought?!?;) Transfers was today and on Monday night I was informed that I was going to be transfered! Of course the Bronx is where I have been sent and all I can say is that I feel so good about being here! It was interesting how many different times I felt peace about leaving Norwalk and Darien Connecticut prior to actually knowing I was leaving. Heavenly Father truly let me know that that was my last cycle there. I am truly grateful for the gospel and the peace it brings into my life! Transfers have been difficult all throughout my mission but for some reason I was prepared for this one. It is amazing the love Heavenly Father has for me! I am so blessed! So to tell you briefly about my new companion Sister Luedtke! She is from Vegas and was baptized into the church about 3 years ago! Like Sister Roberts, she is also a Mechanic and loves cars!! She was introduced to the church when she was 29 years old and is absolutely amazing! I miss Sister Roberts like crazy but so grateful to have been with her 6 months of my mission! Sister Roberts and I were together 3 months, seperated 3 months, and back together again these last 3 months!! It was really nieat and I feel as though I was able to be a better companion to her the second time around. I had many things I wish I would had done better with her the first time! Once again Heavenly Father loves me and gave me the chance to try again:) I am grateful for "second chances" and the Atonement that makes it possible for me to be better and try my best to prepare to return to the Celestial Kingdom one day! Well it is time to umpack and then go hit the streets for the night but I love you all so much!! Have a wonderful day!! Until next week....XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

August 12, 2009

To My Dearest Friends and Family!
The days are coming up where I just might be transferred and I am more sure than last week that it will happen?!? It is unique how Heavenly Father prepares us for different events in our lives. First Sister Roberts had her reasons and now I have mine! Ah! After all, I will be happy to stay here and happy to go if I go! If I go to Manhattan it is 1 of the areas I was already in, if I go to the Bronx I just might laugh, and if I stay here I will continue to be one happy sister missionary! I was with another Sister on Monday in the Bronx and it was neat to be back in the City. I just love it all! The best part is, is that Heavenly Father decides and it is in his Hands. This last week Sister Roberts and I have been focusing on how we can get the people we are teaching to go to church! The lessons we have with Jack, Gifton, Chantel, etc. are wonderful but we know the best "lesson" for them will be at church!!: ) Sister Roberts and I are still determined to see a baptism together but only time will tell! Well, time is short today but I love you and miss you! Until next week…XOXO!
Love you Always,
Sister Miller

August 5, 2009

To My Bestest Family and Friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful day and enjoying the hot summer days! This summer seems to be a little cooler to me compared to last and I am so grateful for it! JI have looked forward to e-mailing all morning because of the incredible experiences Sister Roberts and I have had! It is apparent how excited I get because I get ahead of myself with the detail of the lessons we have with our investigators;) For example…Gifton! Ok so this week we had 2 different lessons with him and he is just sooo humble! He is what I want to be! With the first lesson and the story in the Book Of Mormon about Alma comparing the word unto a seed …we were following up to see if he was able to read it and shared every little thing that we hope anyone would after they read that chapter! It was wonderful! He totally related himself to the scriptures and had the whole chapter highlighted! He marks his scriptures more than anyone else we have ever taught! And with the second lesson we were teaching the Plan Of Salvation and he was reading Alma 34:32 for us and there was a pause for a second as he kept reading beyond that particular verse. In verse 33 it talks about not procrastinating the day of our repentance and once again he likened the scriptures unto himself and told us that his life is a time to prepare to meet god and he was just telling a friend this morning he needs to stop procrastinating. It is perfect to say the least! He has not been able to come to church yet because of work but he committed to come this week! It will only get better and better for him as he feels of the truth of this gospel when he comes to church! Yay! We also had a special lesson with Jack at a member’s house and we were talking a lot about recognizing the spirit. At one point Jack was asking Josh and Colleen how they can feel the spirit of God in their lives and this BIG thunder came at that exact moment. Jack quietly said, is that the spirit?! We were laughing so hard and it was a cute comment but we reminded him it is a small and simple feeling, thought, etc! It was a special lesson because we could tell that this was the lesson that really captivated Jack. It made his desire to know what truth is even stronger. Jack has not come to church the last 2 weeks and we have another appointment with him tonight so hopefully the desire from that night has not decreased! We have also been blessed with the chance to teach these 2 brothers, Joey and George who are 12 and 10, and their mother Maggie is a part of the church but has not been on over 10 years. It is such a blessing and Heavenly Father blesses us continually each second! I know that this gospel is where the truth is and that Heavenly Father has a hand in all things! I am so blessed to know what I know, to feel what I feel, and to do what I get to do…spread this truth to all who seek it! In 2 weeks is transfer time and I am always get so nervous about it. I love it here so much! Sister Roberts is sure I am leaving this place but I am just not so sure! The only English Sisters area I have not been is the Bronx…only time will tell!J Well it is time to run some errands but I love you all so much! And miss you too! Until next week….XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Tamari Miller

July 29, 2009

To My Dearest Family And Friends!
I hope you are having a wonderful day! Sister Roberts and I have had such a miraculous week and all is well! Our week started off by getting a text for a referral and the guy is named Gifton! Gifton is very humble and this 38 year old man from Jamaica who just wants to get his life in order through our Father in Heaven! It really is neat to know that people do turn their heads in the right direction even though there is so much turmoil in the world! As we invited him to say the closing prayer he was very willing and as he did it made my heart smile. I am oh so grateful for the power of prayer! We are excited to see what happens as we continue to meet with him and share the main beliefs of Jesus Christ! Hopefully it will be in the affirmative direction and he will accept the date to be baptized August 30th, the date we extended. He is still praying to know but of course he will get his answer! How could he not?! As we were getting ready to go he told us he is excited to see if this seed in his heart grows and Sister Roberts and I quickly grabbed the Book Of Mormon and changed the reading we had for him to Alma 34! It was quite the shock for us! You should have seen our faces! J The other highlight of the week is going to the nursing home near our apartment and teaching a couple of ladies there! When we walk in they all greet us with big smiles on their faces and of course it makes me smile. Janice and Vicki are the two that show the most interest and currently we are working on getting them to church! Surprisingly, they are mobile enough to go but not at the same time. (I won’t go into those details!) Vicki actually looks like Mom to me and so I like being with herJ There is also this guy named Kenneth who lives there and he has no desire to meet with us but every desire to come to church! He was able to come last week and because he has told us, we know church is enough for him…for now! We get to meet with Jack tonight and we are excited to see him! He has so many wonderful questions and is the type that hungers for more. The only hang-up is that we found out he is 23!! It was such a shock for us! The Single’s Ward Elder’s contacted him on the street and referred him to us, the Family Ward because he looks 30 or so! And acts it too! Throughout time we found out his age and when we called the Elder’s to let them know his age they were laughing so hard! I must admit we weren’t because we don’t want to lose Jack! Although whether he starts going to the Single’s Ward or not…it is all the sameJ If you ask me, the Single’s Ward is perfect for him! Sister Roberts strongly discourages the Single’s Ward to anyone and so we will see what he decides! Guess what I found out yesterday?? President Smith’s brother in-law lives in EAGLE IDAHO! He lives in Two Rivers and is the Bishop for one of the Eagle Wards! …I can’t remember his last name! Such a small world, right?? To top off the week, Sister Roberts and I love to see the Temple and we were able to go to the Temple today! It was just what we were craving. I took the proximity for granted when we used to live in the City and I have learned a very important lesson!J Last night Sister Roberts and I felt like we were little kids going to Disney Land because we were so excited for today and could not fall asleep at all! It was just like being a little kid all over again! Well, time to go…I love you all and miss you lots! Until next week have a blessed day!XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

July 22, 2009

To My Wonderful Family And Friends!!
All is well in Connecticut and this week has been hard but yet so good! Talk about mixed emotions! The hard part is, is that Debbie backed out once again but the but the good thing about it is that we know she is not doing it just because and when she really does get baptized it will be for real! It still breaks my heart! Ah! She always is looking for fireworks and if you ask me she has had the best firework show ever!;) We know that others will be placed in our path that are prepared and will act sooner than later! After all, maybe I was right about what I said to Sister Potter a couple of Sunday’s ago. "It will be a few years" I don’t mind how long she takes I just hope she does it before she dies! Oh, our little Debbie! Our search for finding people is going well and yesterday we had a wonderful lesson on the Restoration with this lady named Lucile and at the end of the lesson she asked us if we were familiar with the Smith family. She said she thought they attended our church. Immediately we thought of this family with the same last name who have been investigating the church for years and have not yet been baptized! It turns out that Hawthorne (the dad of the Smith family) is Lucile’s nephew! It is such a small world! Anyway she loved the message and I was surprised because her sister (Hawthorne’s mom) is the one who disagrees with the teachings! Well, Lucile called us this morning and told us she does not want us to come back for the return appointment we had and it all makes sense! I am sure when one of the family members receives confirmation of the truth, the rest will follow! Maybe one day! At least we get to continue to meet with the Smith family! They have not called us;) Jack is doing great but because of how often we can meet with him it looks like his baptism will be towards the end of August…once he knows it is true of course! Well, Sister Roberts is waiting oh so patiently so it is time to run but I love you and miss you bunches! Until next week…XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 15, 2009

To My Adorable Family And Friends!!

Recently Auntie mailed me my blog via paper and it is so fun to read my e-mails home! Thank you Auntie!! I have found that sometimes my sentences don't make sense and that is what I get for being too excited to e-mail home! I think faster than I can type! Oopsies!

This week has been perfect and the weather is gorgeous! Sister Roberts is still deciding her feelings about the humidity but I feel right at home!:) I also miss the dry heat! They are both very nice! I can't believe I have not told you about President and Sister Smith yet! So get this, they are from Rexburg Idaho and President Smith is a wheat and potato farmer! He is an Attorney on the side...haha! It really is neat to see how different President Smith and Searle are from each other but to know they are both called of God really is special! The first time we met President Smith was at our last Mission Conference and as President and Sister Smith walked in the missionaries sang "Called To Serve" to we were singing I had this overwhelming sense of peace come over me and then I really new President and Sister Smith are the ones who are suppose to lead this mission! Although, I did think that from the beginning! We sure do miss President and Sister Searle and I will be forever grateful for what they have done for this mission and also me personally! They are such examples to me! I just love them!

So here I go changing the subject, I have the most exciting news that we just now received! JUST NOW! Our little Debbie! Here’s the update! Since Debbie decided not to get baptized we had not seen here for a while and she was only able to make it to church once during the last 6 weeks or so. We have been keeping our distance and not stopping over since she has been taught all of the lessons but this last Saturday we stopped over to say hello and Debbie told Sister Roberts and I that she is far from knowing that this is the only true church. It hurt our hearts because at one point she totally knew. Little did she know she still did but we think she talked herself out of it! (For the time being!)Well Sunday a member in our Ward invited us over for dinner and told us she is going to call Debbie also to see if she will come! Well, Debbie ended up coming and the spiritual thought Sister Roberts and I had for Sister Raguseo and Debbie was very simple and we were not even going to talk to Debbie about her "most recent feelings"! We have been extremely bold with her multiple times in the past and thought we would just have a simple and sweet message, in hopes that the spirit would teach her something…new (but not really new!) We watched part of the movie "A Giant Among Men" about President Hinckley and the spirit was so strong when President Hinckley was testifying about Jesus Christ! Have you seen it?? I was crying, Sister Roberts was crying, Sister Raguseo was crying, and last but not least Debbie was! As that part finished I could not help but say, "Debbie! It’s true!" Sister Raguseo quickly asked her when she was going to be baptized and Sister Roberts and I looked at each other with real big eyes like we could not believe it! That is not what Sister Roberts and I had planned but of course Heavenly Father had a plan of His own! Sister Raguseo is so in tune with the spirit and as Debbie and she talked, Debbie decided to pray about August 2nd! We were shocked! As a matter of fact, I told someone at church just that day, "I think it will be a few years before Debbie has the lightning strike her and she decides to commit to the only true church and is baptized!" How dare me!! It is all on Heavenly Fathers timing! Not anyone else’s! So last night we had a Family Home Evening with a couple other women in the Ward and just made it a fun "girls night!" Debbie really enjoyed it and our spiritual thought was on talents and how we need to develop them! We focused on spiritual talents and if we don’t act and do what the spirit tells us we will "lose" something special. Like Debbie "losing" her desire to act on what she once felt, was what we were shooting for. As Debbie left Sister Roberts and I gave her a CD with a song about The Road To Emmaus and because she loves that story so much in the Bible we thought she would also love this song. So here is the news... she called Sister Raguseo just today (we were at Sister Ragauseo’s doing laundry) and they were just chatting when Sister Raguseo quickly called is into the other room. We had no idea why and she said "Sisters, this is Debbie on the phone and she just officially decided she is going to be baptized and feels it is what she needs!!" AHH!! My heart is so happy! Debbie shared with us over the phone that she told all of her friends this morning and when she listened to that song it was speaking to her!! My testimony has been strengthened once again and my heart is full of gratitude! What a blessing!

Recently I had been praying that Sister Roberts will have a chance to have a baptism soon because she has yet to see one and when we were together the first time the baptism we did have took place in Utah. When she got transferred here, 3 weeks later she found out a guy she taught in Manhattan got baptized and SO badly she wanted to be there! I know how hard that is and I knew it would be possible for this to happen but I did not know who it would be! Yay! I am so thrilled!

Also, at the beginning of the week Sister Roberts and I were able to go to the hospital because we live so close to it and a family we are close to just had a baby! When we got there the husband was not there and Sister Yong was just sitting on the bed with the baby in the little basinet next to her. I was so excited to see such a precious child who just was recently in the presence of our Father in Heaven and I could not help but think of Kellen and Isaac who have been born since I left! I was so so happy and I even briefly got to hold him!! Don’t worry I did not break any rules, he started to cry and Sister Yong could not reach him so she asked me to pass him to her!! Does that count as holding?!?;) I miss kids so much!

Speaking of children, guess what we got to do Sunday?! We got to go into a couple Primary rooms and talk about what missionaries do! It was so cute to see the kids excitement about missionary work and even more adorable to see how they are such great missionaries already! It was such a tender mercy for me! Other than that, tonight we have another lesson with Jack and look forward to see how he is doing! We have not been able to see him for a while because he has been out of town! Ok, it is time to run but I love you all soo much and hope you are having a wonderful day! Can you believe we are half way through July?? I can’t!

Until next week….XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 7, 2009

To My Spectacular Family!!
Hi! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!! Sister Roberts and I loved having a curfew of 6pm because we were able to plan, eat dinner, and go to bed before 9pm! I loved it! I know mom is going to be so proud of me because I go to bed at the same time she does, whenever I have the chance!;) This week has been another blessing in my life, we met this guy named Jack (He always makes me think about Jack Jones!) who had many questions about the church and after our lesson he accepted a baptismal date for July 28th! He came to church the following Sunday and is definitely progressing in a positive direction! We are so excited for him! On MondayI was nervous I was going to get transfered since transfers are today and we got our phone call Monday eveningbut thankfully Heavenly Father did not transfer myself or Sister Roberts! We are here at least 6 more weeks! Yay! I love this gospel so much and feel so blessed to be a part of it! I know others are waiting to hear what I know and feel! There is nothing I want more than to share it! So thatswhat we will do:)...until next week....XOXO!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1, 2009

To My Amazing Family!
No drought in finding the elect this week!:) We had such a wonderful week in finding and look forward to the next return appointments we get with these people! One is tonight! My heart has been filled with joy and my eyes filled with tears as we taught Chantel's (our investigator from Africa) brother in- law...who has been visiting from Africa! He came to church this week and we were able to teach him about the Restoration during Sunday School with a member who speaks French so he could translate into Thomas' native language for us! As we taught and testified the spirit was overwhelmingly strong and it all made sense to Thomas! All throughout the lesson he was thanking Sister Roberts and I. He would share with us how happy he is to bring this back to Africa and share it with all. I wish I could describe to you how I felt but it is hard to put into words. He told us he sees missionaries often but never knew what they taught. He truly has been prepared for this message and I am grateful for him and how he has strengthened my testimony! I will never forget the lesson with him. As we walked out of the classroom the last thing Thomas said to us was, "keep doing what you are doing, you will change the world." If anyone is going to change the world, it is him. He is the one who is going to go to Africa and invite others to hear the words of Christ from the missionaries there! We sure can't do that!:) Monday as a mission we sang the primary song "We'll Bring the World His Truth" to President and Sister Searle since today is there last day!:( ...and that is my bring to world his truth, or at least the people here in Norwalk and Darien;) Well, I love you all and miss you bunches! Have a spectacular 4th of July and until next week....XOXO!
Sister Miller

June 24, 2009

My Dearest Family!
Hello! I hope you are having such a good day! Not too much is new this week and I must say although it has been raining so much in Connectcut as missionaries and in our area, there seems to be a drought with finding the elect!! I hope we can change that this week! You will be the first to know:) Unitl then....I love you all so much!...XOXO!
Love always,
Sister Miller

June 17, 2009

My Dearest Family!
Hi! I hope you are all having such a wonderful day and all is well! Everything is going SO good in Connecticut and Sister Roberts and I are enjoying every second!!I continue to be so grateful to be back with her again! As I have mentioned in the past, we tract every single day for hours, unless we have appointments:) and have had some neat experiences with elderly people that are home but we are still hoping for more!!:) One lady was named Elizebeth she is 95 years old! The unbelievable thing is that she had never heard of the church! Can you believe it! She is very sharp also! Unlike Grandma Swim;() She understands so much and but was not interested beyond that appointment. We were happy we were able to share our beliefs with her and give her a Book Of Mormon! Debbie is doing well but still at a brick wall! We know Heavenly Father will knock down that wall soon but she wants to know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING before he knocks down that brick day it will happen! Chantel (the mother from Africa) came to church this Sunday for her 1st time and she enjoyed it so much! We are praying that Chantel and Cindy (her daughter) will be baptized soon but Chantel is still unsure about the authority so we will continue to do what we can with her to help her understand we are the only church on Earth that has the authority to baptize! Sister Roberts and I are determined to get let in as we knock doors in Darien (the other part of our area where very wealthy people live) but nothing as of yet!! Well Sister Roberts is waiting so I must run but I love you all so much and miss you bunches! I hope you Fathers have a wonderful Father's Day!! Until next week...XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 3, 2009

To My Wonderful Family And Friends!
Can you believe it?! The mission life is too good to be true! 1 year ago tomorrow I got on the plane to go to the MTC and now here I am in Connecticut! This last year as a missionary I have experienced more joy than I have in my 22 years of life. In such simple ways. It is amazing! The times that I might have been sad, homesick, tired, etc. are easy to forget because the moments we feel the spirit each day and see miracles throughout the weeks erase anything that may have been difficult! Currently I am companions with Sister Roberts! The Diesel Mechanic! I am happy to be back with her again and each day is so much fun! We tract all of the time and hoping to be let in from someone who is searching!! I'll keep you posted! Time to run! Until next week...XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009

To My Wonderful Family And Friends!!
Hi! I hope you are having a great week! I wish I had time to e-mail you last week because so many amazing things happened and then there was the not -so- good but my oh my I just love this mission! When we came to the library last week it was only open for 5 more minutes and so hence the reason there was no e-mail! Ok so get this! Our little Debbie..the "permanent seeker" who has found the truth! Well it came to the day of her baptismal interview and she was unsure if she could committ to paying 1/10 of her income for tithing but she must committ in order to be baptized. Sister Sturm and I went over to her home Saturday afternoon and had the biggest prayer in our heart that we could teach this lesson once again and hope that she would committ. Lets just say, our lesson began with Debbie telling us over and over that "it was just not possible to financially pay 1/10" and then ended with the sweet spirit filled in each one of us and testifying to Debbie the importance of paying the 1/10 and the blessing it is to do so. I have never been so touched and come to be converted myself of the importance of tithing! It was so amazing! Well Saturday night Debbie had her interview for her baptism and it went great! Sister Sturm and I were soooo happy for her and to witness all of these things that have happened over the last 5 weeks come even more true! Her baptism was planned for this last Saturday May 24th and we were sure it was happening but sadly enough Debbie ended up deciding that she is not ready at this point and wants to study and learn more. The day she told Sister Sturm and I this we felt like we just got dumped! Our hearts hurt...they still do:) The best part is is that she is still going to keep coming to church, go to activities with members, and we will meet with her once in a while but we just know that she knows! We want her to act now to enjoy all of the blessings that are entitled as she follows Christ's footsteps but it is just not at this time! She has had SO many different whispers testify to her what she needs to do and we just remind her to call upon those nights and to continue to do what she is already doing! Well time to run but I love you all so much and miss you bunches! I look forward to next week to tell you what happened at tranfers today!!! Until next time....XOXO!

May 13, 2009

To My Family And Friends!
I am SO bummed my last e-mail did not send!! I am unsure what happened when I hit "send" but the computer started to flicker! But I was sure the e-mail was safe! Oh well!
I hope you Mother's had a wonderful Mother's Day and your children/husbund were perfect little angels for you all day! And every other day of the week!:) I sat in Sacrament Meeting in church Mother's Day and cried when the kids sang "Mother I love You"! It was so cute! I must say it is a tender mercie for me to be in a family ward over Mother's Day just so I can see the kids sing to their MAMA's!:) I love it! When I called mom that night we laughed about the days when I would go up and sing on Mother's Day! If only I knew then what I knew now, I would have been more obedient!:)
These last 2 weeks have been filled with so many memories and it makes this "vacation" of mine go by too fast! Shanee and Anthony got married May 2nd, Shanee got baptized by Anthony May 3rd, since he had just gotten the Priesthood the week prior to! This next year they will be striving to do what is right so they can be sealed together with their little boy Yasir in 1 year! Vivian is Anthony's Aunt who introduced him to us and she tells us people to see all of the time! Vivian also has a daughter named Ashley who is in the same position as Anthony and she and her boyfirend are praying to know if they should be married so he can be baptized! John (Ashley's boyfriend) wants it so bad and we love to see the desire within him to know if this is true. They currently live together with Vivian and we love being able to meet with them each week and we have so much fun and love the spirit that is in our lessons! Last night we stopped by and Vivian whispered to us to ask Ashley about the engagement ring she wore the other day and Ashley just smiled and said she is just still waiting for confirmation to know if she should marry John. Sister Sturm and I are trying to continue to be intstruments in God's hands every second and are fasting and praying for John and Ashley to get the confirmation of what they need to do! I just love the people we meet and seeing them experience the happiness this gospel brings!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April 30, 2009

To My Adorable Family and Friends!!
I hope you are all doing so good and enjoying the warm whether where ever you are! It has been wonderful weather here and when it is hot we just crank the AC in our car....what a blessing! This week has been amazing and I just love every moment! I thought for some time that I would never get Manhattan out of my mind but as we have seen many miracles in doing missionary work here I have come to love and gain a testimony that it does not matter where I am just as long as people can hear the message about Jesus Christ and his church that is now on the Earth! Yesterday for P-Day we went to the Temple and when we got there I asked Sister Sturm what she wanted to do while we waited for the other Sisters...she replied "you are the one who knows the City" (she has only been serving in CT since she got here) and my response was "lets go contact!" Her jaw dropped but that is all I am used to and still miss it! I am trying to get over the fact that when we plan it is no longer travel and contact for our back up but that it is travel and drive for our back up! I just want everyone we see to know why we are serving missions! This church has the permanent truth and I know it! Ok so speaking of permanent truth, we have been teaching a lady who id 56 and raised Catholic and just liked learning about our religion but thats it...she says she is a premanent seeker in other faiths. Anyway, she came to church on Sunday and loved it! We stopped by Sunday night and invited her to be baptized May 17th and she is just SO excited! She is no longer a permanent seeker and has found the permanent truth by simply coming to church and feeling the spirit! I love it so much! Anthony propsed to hid girlfriend on Monday night in front of Sister Sturn and I and she is getting married and baptized this weeekend! YAY!!! I will be sure to send pictures asap! Well, time to go! I love you all!
Love, Sister Miller

Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 22, 2009

To My Bestest Family and Frineds!
So as I knew it would happen, the flowers have started to bloom here in Connecticut! This place is gorgeous and it reminds me so much of Minnesota and Idaho! My e-mail was totally all over the place last week but here is how the my April showers have brought some flowers!!:) (There is always more to come!) So I moved to Stamford last Wednesday and totally felt like I was at home:) Our apartment was so big and had a washer and dryer inside of it! I could not believe it! We did not have to pay money for laundry and wait for our clothes to be done anymore! Well after I had settled in the apartment with Sister Sturm (who is from Rexburg IDAHO!) and we were DRIVING to an appointment, we got a call that we were moving since it was only the 2 of us and the Elders needed the apartment we were in since there lease was up! So yesterday we spent the entire day with the Elders moving everything out into our cute new little apartment! It is only Sister Sturm and I and I am totally used to being with 4-6 other Sisters but we love our "closeness!" We have no other choice:) We no longer have a washer and dryer but our apartment is adorable and we love the spirit that abides there! (Not like it didn't in Stamford!) So now we live in our area and are even closer to a Walmart, Costco, Target, etc! I truly feel like I am in a whole new world! We get to teach in homes where people have a yard, don't have to lock their doors, and are very receptive to the gospel! (I like to think so anyway:)) We continue to search for people but not by comtacting on the street...we get to walk house to house or find people who are walking to there car! My first day here I was in shock! I told Sister Strum to pull over at one point because I got SO excited when I saw someone walking down the street! She thinks I am crazy and I just laugh it off! When we pull up to a stop light and I see the person in the car next to us, all I can think about is "they need this gospel and can I get it to them in a quite dignity fashionable way?!?" Sister Sturm always will tell me with out me even saying a word..."Don't worry they will get it one day." I sometimes just want to be like WHATEVER and then basically I get to tell her that by just rolling down the window and talking to them about the church! What an adjustment from Manhattan! My oh my! Sister Sturm and I are alike in some ways but so different in others! Each day I learn something new and try my best to be like Jesus! I'll keep you:) Currently we are teaching a couple who is getting married May 2nd and Shanee will be getting baptized May 3rd! Miracles sure do happen no matter where we are!:)
Well I love you all so much and until next week...XOXO!
Love always,
Sister Miller

April 15, 2009

To My Dearest Family and Friends!!
I hope you are having a wonderful day and had a Happy Easter!!! Did the Easter bunny come?? He came here 1 too many times for Sister Wadsworth and I!:) It seems hard to believe it was over a year ago I opened my mission call and found I was coming to the BEST mission on Earth!
Well these last 2 days I have had the most humbling experience on my mission and I am completely shocked. For the first time is my mission history I did not e-mail home and talk about thoughts of being transfered because I was convinced Sister Wadsworth and I were staying. I'm absolutely shocked to say that we got a phone call monday night for transfers and Elder Raymond told me to pack my bags. The tears started flowing and I felt like it was starting to rain and then I wondered if my April showers would bring may flowers. Because there are so few sisters I figured out where I was going and it was confirmed today and I was transferred to Connecticut. I was SHOCKED! Sure enough my April showers have already brought forth May flowers and I feel so good about being here. Its a whole new world and I continue to sing that unapproved song in my head over and over. I can't wait to tell you all the details of all the miracles that will happen. Until next week....I love you all, XOXO!
Love always,
Sister Miller

Friday, April 3, 2009

April 1, 2009

To My Wonderful Family and Friends!
AHH!! How I wish I could just call throughout the day and just tell you every little thing that happens in my life but I am grateful to be able to e-mail!
I got Tara's e-mail today telling me about Maria having Kellen and I am so so excited to be an Auntie again!! How precious! I love it! This week Dave had his baptism and my heart was just filled with joy to see where he is at in is life and to have had the desire to know and know that this church is true. He is so amazing in so many ways and Sister Wadsworth and I are so grateful for "our Dave"! He does so much for us all of the time and loves to feed the missionaries as he knows we are far away from home. The April Showers have already started and if April flys by as fast as March I will my life even more?!
Well I love you all soo much and until next time...I hope you have a fabuolous week!XOXO!
Love always, Sister Miller

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 25, 2009

To My Adorable Family and Friends!
Hello!I hope you are having such a good day!I am so glad that the weather is warming up and spring is here...I love it! Once again, everything has been great this week and I am just so happy:) On Monday we had a District Meeting (where a small group of missionaries get together and learn different things from each other) and our District Leader asked if we are happy and what we are happy about. I felt like Grandma Swim because I had SO many things I wanted to say!:) The times I feel tired, sad, etc. are always a small moment in time because of the things that happen as a missionary that makes my heart smile!
On that note, something that has made me smile all week is our recent convert Shantel and reflecting upon her baptism and confirmation that took place Saturday and Sunday, her testimony, and how spiritual she is. She has been raised in the Harlem her whole life and her brother tells us, "you teach Shantel about God and I will teach you some gangster!" We laugh so hard! Shantel truly is so amazing and not only does her brother make us laugh but she does also! A couple days before her baptism we taught her friend Kristine and as I had finished the first vision and the spirit was SO strong Shantel says in a sweet and happy voice, "thats sexy!" Who would have thought that Jesus Christ and God the Father appearing to Joseph Smith was sexy? ...Only our little Shanteli!:) When she came up out of the water she said, "wow! That was beautiful! Well you all can stay there while Travis and I go for a swim!" and then last but not least she sang a gorgeous musical number about Jesus and towards the end she hit this really high note and said "you didn't think I could do that, did you?!?!" I could go on and on but I am grateful for Shanteli and her example to me! She has made me laugh, smile, and cry from the beginning and I am never going to give up finding people who want Jesus as much as she does in her life! I am so excited for Dave's baptism this weekend and look forward to telling you about that next week! Until then, I miss you all! XOXO!
Love always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18, 2009

To My Wonderful Family and Friends!
I love you all so much and thank you for the e-mails, letters, prayers, etc.! Everything has truly been SO good and Sister Wadsworth and I have so much fun together! As I have always prayed for energy on my mission I have felt the exhaustion melt away and this week, once again Heavenly Father helped my tiredness disappear:) It is because of the power of the spirit I have felt soo much energy. At moments I feel like I could so this 24 hours a day...but not really!!;) Shantel is getting baptized this Saturday and I just love her so much. Dave is getting baptized March 28th and has the strongest testimony. It makes my heart smile:) and for everything else...we find people to teach even when we feel like all hope is lost. It just takes FAITH:) I love you all so much and hope all is well! Until next week...
Love always,
Sister Miller

Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 11, 2009

To My Adorable Family and Friends!
Ohh how I wish I had the time on a mission to write a book about the people we meet, companions I have, the places we live, etc! Each day we are exhausted...searching for people, having the best moments ever, loving my life but sometimes I wonder how the Elders do it for 2 years!! Even our President and Sister Searle...for 3 years! (It is like they have 160 kids 24 hours a day!) My new companion is Sister Wadsworth from Vegas and she kind of looks like Tara to me so in a way I feel like I have my sister with me:) We are currenltly teaching amazing people named Latoya, David and Shantel and they will be getting baptized within the next month! (If all goes as planned!!:))
I continue to love every moment and hopefully will find time in the upcoming e-mails to tell real stories! As for now, it is nap time!:) YAY!!!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 4, 2009

To My Bestest Family and Friends!
I love you all sooo much and hope you are having a wonderful day!!! I can't believe it is March!! So guess what the big news is?!?! I Got transfered!:(.... :) SO many mixed emotions and I can't believe I am out of the area I have been in the entire time I have been here. I am going to miss everyone soo much. Whats a girl to do?!? Well, I guess it is too good to be true because I did not go far and I just moved from the west side of Manhattan, to the east side and now cover a singles ward that I had been in when I first got here because Manhattan 8th ward was combined at the time with the 3rd ward (my new ward!)
I just feel so blessed to be serving and even though I am so sad about leaving, I feel very good about being transfered because I know every single (no pun intended;)) person needs the matter where I get sent, or any other missionary:) I love this mission so much!
Well time to go since we have soo much to do but I love you all and until next week....XOXOXO!!

Love always,
Sister Miller
P.S. My new address is!!!
1952 1st Avenue #9D
(If you have recently mailed anything to 3333 I will still get it because I get to see those Sisters don't worry!!) Also...Michelle, Kim, Lanae,and Jess I got all of your mail so thank you so much!!! Longer e-mail next time!!:) P.S.S Guilaume passed the sacrament for his first time on Sunday and Malaika got baptized this weekend!! I love it so much! Every moment gets better and better!

February 25, 2009

To my Wonderful Family and Friends!
I totally have little time today but everything is going great! Our investigator Malaika is getting baptized this Saturday in Utah and Sister Robert's and I are SO excited for her!:) Although we will not be able to be there we know that no matter where her baptism takes place it is going to be the same there as it would be here! I love how the church is the same all over the World!
This week I was sick for 2 days and seriously distraught as I laid in bed too sick to do a thing. I laid in bed thinking about mom when she used to say to all of us when we were sick, "It's no fun to be sick, NO!" and I think that was the only thing that made me smile during that 48 hours. Otherwise I truly felt like I was in a state of depression but thankfully I am well now and the achy, freezing/hot body is back to normal! I love you all soo much and will let you know the BIG news next week, whether or not I get transfered! AHH!!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

February 18, 2009

To my lovely Family and Friends!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day and week also!:) This week has been another amazing week and even though we are not as on fire tempature wise, along with people we are teaching we still have high hopes for this area! Michelle and Tina have decided they are not ready to be baptized and we continue to search for people who are. Satan is trying to make us down but I am determined to be a missionary as Amulek and Alma were. They always were in tune with the spirit and would say what people needed to hear. Especially Zeezrom:) Transfers is sneaking up in like 2 weeks and once again I am going to be so nervous, eager, etc. to find out what happens! If I stay I will be in this area for over 10 months! I love you all so much! Time to go! XOXO!
Love always, Sister Miller

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 11, 2009

To My Wonderful Family and Friends!!
All is going great in Manhattan! I just love being here so much and I am shocked with how fast time is flying! The weather has been getting so warm (like 50 degrees) and I feel like it is summer!!:) WAHOO! On the cold winter days the good news we share to everyone would warm my soul and now I just feel on fire. Haha! Anyway, I really have no time left but I hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day and know I love you all so much!Until next week...XOXO!
Love always,Sister Miller

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February 4, 2009

To My Fabulous Family and Friends!
I hope all is well in Minnesota, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, etc. etc.! This week has been amazing and it is so neat to see the different things that happen every moment. This last week I have been reflecting upon a tracting experience Sister Roberts and I had almost 2 weeks ago now and how I was touched that evening in a negative way more than I ever will be in my life. We were on our way home from a Stake Chinese New Years party and had so much fun with people who are learning more about the church, missionaries, and members from church. Before we had to go in for the evening we had about a 1/2 hour left and wanted to tract to find a family. To give a background of tracting apartment buildings, we buzz every number and tract that way first and then if someone lets us up we just knock doors. (The real way to tract;) Well the first door we buzzed that Saturday evening we got in on the first one and the guy was not interested but we still had hope for everyone else who lived there:) So we knocked, knocked, knocked, and knocked and did not get have much success. I was determined and knew someone was going to accept. To my surprise, it was the complete opposite! This lady answered the door yelling, swearing, threatening, etc. and telling us we needed to leave. We have a certificate from the Prophet that we carry with us in case there are such cases like this and we can just show them to the police so we are not fined for "selling religion." We were happy to leave to respect her but then as I was walking away I got so sad and cried the entire way home. I felt like a baby but I could not hide it. I was sad because I was thinking how she was able to prevent someone else hearing this glad message who may have accepted. This night I felt like Satan won and then I felt so unchristlike because I thought to myself, "she does not even deserve this message." The beautiful thing is is that she does and it is for all of Heavenly Fathers children. No matter what. I am grateful for the moments that I have been able to feel of my Saviors love and testify of him to everyone we see and for those who want it. It makes every second worth it! Even the ones when I cry all the way home;) I love you all so much and thank you all for being such loving family and friends, you too make every second worth it.
Love you always, Sister Miller

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January 28, 2009

My Dearest Friends and Family!Hello! I hope you are all having a wonderful and all is well! I miss and love you and I am so happy I can e-mail you the latest update as my companion and I have seen endless amounts of blessings pouring down upon us! We have had a couple of "blizzards" as Mom would say but it really is just a beautiful snow fall!:) To sum up the last couple of weeks I must say it has been, blizzards of blessings!About 3 weeks ago now, Sister Roberts and I were searching to find at least one more person to teach and from the bottom of our area to the top, it seemed that no one was interested. Yet we knew somebody was, it was just a matter of where?!? We were searching, hoping, and praying to be and answer to someone's prayer but in reality a lady named Tina was an answer to our's:) On Sunday January 11th, a guy we know from church brought his friend Tina and we had heard much about her in the past. It just never ended up working that we could set up an appointment due to schedule conflicts during those 4 weeks prior to us meeting her but we knew one day we would. When she came to church and Will said, "Sisters! This is Tina!" We were as reverently excited as we could be and we set up an appointment to see her later that evening! We knew someone was out there and my heart was just filled with joy! What a blessing! We later went to teach her and the spirit I felt at that appointment reminded me the truthfulness of this gospel as we shared with her the story of Joseph Smith! I know that this is the the only true church on the Earth and I am grateful to be a part of it! On Monday January 12th, we recieved the phone call from the Elder's telling us if we were getting transfered or not. I was so nervous! I did not want to leave the area I have been in my entire mission and had no idea what was going to happen! When the phone call came, Elder Lee told Sister Robert's and I with all seriousness, "Sister Miller you will be packing your bags and Sister Robert's you are staying. After we hung up, for a second I felt good about it and then as I sat on the couch and started thinking about Maritza, Malaika, Charloette, Michael, Guillaume, Tina, and everyone else I have met tears started to role down my face. As I was saying to the Sisters " who is going to help Guillaume tie his hood?" the phone rang. It was the Elder's calling back and we immediatly put it on speaker phone. Elder Lee was prompt to say, "just kidding! you are both staying! and my tears were wiped away! Needless, to say I did not neither of us got transfered and all is well! Last Wednesday January 21st, Sister Roberts and I went on splits with 2 ladies in our Ward and Zaneta and I did a look up of a lady I taught when I first came on my mission. Her name is Michelle and she was so happy to see us! It had been like 4 months since we had stopped by last and we set up an actual appointment to come and see her again. Sister Roberts and I went the next day and as we were talking to her she was expressing to us the reason she was so excited to see us is because she was praying that week and asking Heavenly Father to lead her to what is right! With that being said, we are currently teaching her as well along with Tina and Malaika and of course we are still searching for more:) I am so grateful for this Church in my life to lead and guide me. I know with all of my heart that this gospel is true and within it is that 'One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism' as the Bible tells is in Ephesians 4:5. We can all come to receive Blizzards Of Blessings as we search, ponder, and pray for truth in our lives. I love you all so much!Love you always,Sister Miller

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 14, 2009

To My Wonderful Friends and Family!
I hope you are all having a great week wherever you may be!:) Yet another week has come and gone! I am so amazed! Where do the days go? I just love being here and the area of Manhattan that I am serving in, the unique things we see, and the people we meet who we can share how Jesus Christ's church is back on the earth. I am grateful I have not yet been transfered because I love this area so so much but I better be careful because we find out Monday night who will be transered and where for Wednesday! Many people we see each week from church ask me if I think I am leaving soon and my immediate response is, " I hope not!" with a smile:) Either way I look forward to what is ahead!
The other day one of the unique things we saw was SO amusing! It was Monday and a group of us were on the train. To our surprise these 3 boys got on dancing and do flips so perfectly in such a small area with amazing balance as the train was moving! I was amazed! I can barely keep the balance just standing there! ;)Haha!
Malaika and Ajan are doing so good and she will be getting baptized February 28th. Guillaume who got baptized November 29th got the Priesthood (the authority to act in God's name)on Sunday and it was so amazing as well! I love you all so much and thank you for all that you do! Don't forget to Choose the Right!
Love always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January 7, 2009

To My Beautiful family and friends!
Happy New Year! AHH!! Time is just flying by. The days are going as fast as I write them down in my planner. Too crazy! I hope you all have had a Hppy New Year so far! I must say I was totally humbled after I wrote my last e-mail! The spirit told me as I was typing to all of you, "maybe I should do other things that are more related to missionary work on the evening of New Year's Eve" but I insisted on painting my nails, waxing my eye brows, etc. So when we got home that night at curfew (6pm) I did not really do anything that was planned because I totally was weak from head to toe. I felt so sick! The blessing of it all is that I got to go to bed at 6pm that evening and by the next morning I felt so good! I am sure it is not likely I will ever go to bed that early in the future, especially on New Year's Eve but it is amazing to see how Heavenly Father wants me to be well in order to spread the gospel. I love it! Painting nails and waxing eyebrows are of least importance on a mission:) As for the people Sister Roberts and I are attempting to spread the gospel to right now, Malaika and her son Ajan are doing wonderful! I love being with them and feeling so close to the both of them. I love that Sister Robert's and I can share the beautiful message of Christ's church back on the Earth to her and Ajan and have them feel the sprit testify the truth of it but we are searching for more people! Every minute I am on my tip toes hoping, looking, searching, and praying that we will find those people in this city who are praying for answers to questions in their life. Little do they know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has it all:) I know things will happen in time and more miracles are right around the corner but until we find more of Heavenly Fathers children I am never going to give up. Ever. This church is so true and people can feel and know it too. I have had the blessing of witnessing this with Maritza, Guillaume, Lisa, Charloette, and Michael and now Malaika and I look forward to seeing it as much as I possibly can! Until then.... I love you all so much and hope you are having a wonderful day! Thank you for all you do and the people you are in my life!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 31, 2008

To my wonderful family and friends!!
My heart is just filled with gratitude for all you have done for me as I have been serving! Thank you so so much:) I absolutely love and appreciate the gifts I have been given and please know you did not have to do anything....thank you. From cookies to Christmas cards to vitamins(thank you mom:) I had a beautiful Christmas and loved every moment! Sister Roberts and I had the chance to be with Malaika who we are teaching and every second is so good with her. She will be getting baptized in Februaury:) To top off this Holiday Season today we are having an Eternal P-day because today is our actualy P-day and then we have to be home by 6pm because it of New Years Eve! Currently we are at a the church building with a group of missionaries and have watched, "The Best Two Years" and also the new Sister missionary movie, "The Errand of Angels!" Talk about perfection! I love them both! More imporantly, I love this gospel and this beautiful gift of serving a mission to spread this message to all of those who are searching! Besides reading the scriptures, tonight the Sisters and I are making dinner, painting our nails, and waxing our eyebrows:) At midnight tonight just know I will be sleeping in bed and wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! WAHOO! I love you all so much!
Love you always,
Sister Miller
P.S. Kat, thank you for the comment you wrote! You are just too sweet!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

December 24, 2008

To my beautiful family!
Ah!! I am so grateful to e-mail you today! We typically e-mail from the employment center at church and they are open until 1 today so here I am...on Christmas Eve, I love it! It is very common for me to get teased from some missionaries because my eyes are always tearing since it is so chilly out, we have all come to the conclusion that I am just crying tears of Joy:) This last Sunday I sat through Sacrament meeting literally crying tears of joy as the little children sang beautiful Christmas hymns and played Joy To The World with Christmas bells. It was perfect and as I reflect upon the birth of our Savior, my heart is just filled joy! What a beautiful time of year to reflect upon his birth and all that our Savior has done for us. There is no gift I could receive on the face of the Earth that could replace the birth of Jesus and his Atoning sacrifice!
I am so grateful to be serving at this time and to share this message of Jesus Christ! To be a missionary is the best gift I could be given this season and I love every moment.
I know Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World and because of him we can return to live with our Father in Heaven! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!
Love you always,
Sister Miller
I am so sorry if some of you did not get a Christmas post card! So many have been sent back to me because the address to all of you had fallen off! AHH!!! I still love you and just know yours is sitting on my desk with a statement on the back, "No address given"!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 17, 2008

To my beautiful family!!
Kirsten, Jack, and Sam! Thank you so much for the adorable pictures and cards! I love them so much and they brighten my day when I get to see them above my desk!
I am bummed my e-mail did not get to you last week but so excited to fill you in this week! I totally typed this super long e-mail and hit send but somewhere in the process something went wrong and the e-mail was gone! So here I go with the amazing things that have happened these past couple of weeks! Sister Dantes and I had a baptism December 6th for these adorable siblings (Charloette and Michael) and as usual, it was perfect! The mother was inactive for a while and as she had been away from the Church for about 11 years she often thought about her children and how they need to have the Gospel in their lives now and forever. I actually had been teaching them from the day I arrived in New York and have had many exciting experiences from the very beginning! To teach humble, meek, adorable children at such a young age is so wonderful and I have come to love them almost as much as my nieces and nephews!:) The thing that stands out to me the most about Charloette and Michael is that they were very unsure and hesitant to be baptized for some time but as they learned more, prayed, and came to Church each week they knew the Gospel of Jesus Christ was what they wanted to be a part of! They previously had 2 baptismal dates that had fallen through but there is nothing better to know they did it when they were as sure as they could be that this is what Heavenly Father wants for them! ...and all of his children of course! Sister Dantes and I witnessed miracles every moment of the 6 weeks we were together but for the time being I have a new companion!! As we got our transfer calls last Monday night (about 10 days ago) our District Leader informed Sister Dantes she was leaving and the 4 other Sisters and I were guessing who could be coming in?!? It is a fun game! Shortly after, we received a phone call from President Searle and he asked me if I would train the new sister who will be arrriving! (It was no one we were guessing!;)) Every moment has been such a blast and I learn so much from Sister Roberts! The funny thing is is that we are complete opposites and Sister Johanson, Diray and I laugh at it almost every moment! It is a good thing because she has taught me how to change the oil of a car since she was a Diesel Mechanic before her mission! Just picture it, a Diesel Mechanic and Me:) We are currently teaching a lady named Malaika and her little boy Ajan and she will be getting baptized January 10th! It is so amazing to see the things in my setting apart blessing come to pass even more as I have been serving and I love it so much! In the blessing President Alder blessed me to find those who are single mom's and to help them by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not only was this with Maritza but now it is also with Malaika and I know I am here to do what Heavenly Father has planned for me all along!! I love my Savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father for sending his son to Atone for each one of us, so that we can return to live with him. I am grateful Christ's original Church is back on the Earth today and I, as a daughter of God, I get to be a part of it! Just when I thought this mission could not get any better, it does! I love every moment and love you all!
Love always,
Sister Miller
P.S. I am unsure if we will be e-mailing next week since we call home on Christmas but until then...Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 3, 2008

To my amazing family!
Thank you so much for the e-mails, cards, and packages! It totally made my birthday magnificent and I am so grateful to have you all who care so much!:)
So picture this, almost 2 weeks ago( Friday) Sister Dantes and I were RUNNING to catch the bus as we were REALLY late for our appointment with Guillaume! We totally missed the first stop it was at and RAN down to the next one about 2 blocks up to try and catch it again. As we are running I yell ahead to Sister Dantes ,"KEEP RUNNING! HURRY! YOUR ALMOST THERE!" as am I trailing behind her laughing out loud thinking about what people are thinking about us. Sure enough, Sister Dantes saves the bus by catching up to it and as I am still running I felt a sense of relief, "we will get there a little faster now" but of course Satan (I like to think) or as some others may think, a crack in the cement:) stopped me as I TRIPPED and SLID on the ground! I totally thought I was hurt and Sister Dantes didn't really notice since she was already getting on the bus but this man did and she looks back at me and notices this man picking me up of the ground!! I totally laugh out loud just thinking about it and what people must have thought. Even though I was super sore on my right knee and elbow ( I tore thru my winter coat, long sleeve shirt, and skin on my elbow!) I was able to get back up and not let Satan stop the work for the rest of the evening:) I share this story because as Guillaume was baptized and confirmed this last Saturday and Sunday, I think about how hard Satan worked on him inparticular but just like me he got right back up! (Actually, he did not even fall!) The day before his baptism he had J-Dubs at his door and he use to meet with them years ago but had not seen them forever, his niece told him this church is of Satan, and his friend told him he should reconsider his thought of being baptized. Satan works SO hard (or cracks in the cement) but the best thing is, is that Heavenly Father is more powerful and this glad message will only continue to testify truth to all of God's children because this is where daily and Eternal happiness lies:) Guillaume was confirmed this last Sunday and it totally made my birthday all it could be AND more. I love this Gospel! Time to run, not literally;) Love always, Sister Miller