Friday, August 21, 2009

August 12, 2009

To My Dearest Friends and Family!
The days are coming up where I just might be transferred and I am more sure than last week that it will happen?!? It is unique how Heavenly Father prepares us for different events in our lives. First Sister Roberts had her reasons and now I have mine! Ah! After all, I will be happy to stay here and happy to go if I go! If I go to Manhattan it is 1 of the areas I was already in, if I go to the Bronx I just might laugh, and if I stay here I will continue to be one happy sister missionary! I was with another Sister on Monday in the Bronx and it was neat to be back in the City. I just love it all! The best part is, is that Heavenly Father decides and it is in his Hands. This last week Sister Roberts and I have been focusing on how we can get the people we are teaching to go to church! The lessons we have with Jack, Gifton, Chantel, etc. are wonderful but we know the best "lesson" for them will be at church!!: ) Sister Roberts and I are still determined to see a baptism together but only time will tell! Well, time is short today but I love you and miss you! Until next week…XOXO!
Love you Always,
Sister Miller

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