Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 31, 2008

To my wonderful family and friends!!
My heart is just filled with gratitude for all you have done for me as I have been serving! Thank you so so much:) I absolutely love and appreciate the gifts I have been given and please know you did not have to do anything....thank you. From cookies to Christmas cards to vitamins(thank you mom:) I had a beautiful Christmas and loved every moment! Sister Roberts and I had the chance to be with Malaika who we are teaching and every second is so good with her. She will be getting baptized in Februaury:) To top off this Holiday Season today we are having an Eternal P-day because today is our actualy P-day and then we have to be home by 6pm because it of New Years Eve! Currently we are at a the church building with a group of missionaries and have watched, "The Best Two Years" and also the new Sister missionary movie, "The Errand of Angels!" Talk about perfection! I love them both! More imporantly, I love this gospel and this beautiful gift of serving a mission to spread this message to all of those who are searching! Besides reading the scriptures, tonight the Sisters and I are making dinner, painting our nails, and waxing our eyebrows:) At midnight tonight just know I will be sleeping in bed and wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! WAHOO! I love you all so much!
Love you always,
Sister Miller
P.S. Kat, thank you for the comment you wrote! You are just too sweet!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

December 24, 2008

To my beautiful family!
Ah!! I am so grateful to e-mail you today! We typically e-mail from the employment center at church and they are open until 1 today so here I am...on Christmas Eve, I love it! It is very common for me to get teased from some missionaries because my eyes are always tearing since it is so chilly out, we have all come to the conclusion that I am just crying tears of Joy:) This last Sunday I sat through Sacrament meeting literally crying tears of joy as the little children sang beautiful Christmas hymns and played Joy To The World with Christmas bells. It was perfect and as I reflect upon the birth of our Savior, my heart is just filled joy! What a beautiful time of year to reflect upon his birth and all that our Savior has done for us. There is no gift I could receive on the face of the Earth that could replace the birth of Jesus and his Atoning sacrifice!
I am so grateful to be serving at this time and to share this message of Jesus Christ! To be a missionary is the best gift I could be given this season and I love every moment.
I know Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World and because of him we can return to live with our Father in Heaven! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!
Love you always,
Sister Miller
I am so sorry if some of you did not get a Christmas post card! So many have been sent back to me because the address to all of you had fallen off! AHH!!! I still love you and just know yours is sitting on my desk with a statement on the back, "No address given"!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 17, 2008

To my beautiful family!!
Kirsten, Jack, and Sam! Thank you so much for the adorable pictures and cards! I love them so much and they brighten my day when I get to see them above my desk!
I am bummed my e-mail did not get to you last week but so excited to fill you in this week! I totally typed this super long e-mail and hit send but somewhere in the process something went wrong and the e-mail was gone! So here I go with the amazing things that have happened these past couple of weeks! Sister Dantes and I had a baptism December 6th for these adorable siblings (Charloette and Michael) and as usual, it was perfect! The mother was inactive for a while and as she had been away from the Church for about 11 years she often thought about her children and how they need to have the Gospel in their lives now and forever. I actually had been teaching them from the day I arrived in New York and have had many exciting experiences from the very beginning! To teach humble, meek, adorable children at such a young age is so wonderful and I have come to love them almost as much as my nieces and nephews!:) The thing that stands out to me the most about Charloette and Michael is that they were very unsure and hesitant to be baptized for some time but as they learned more, prayed, and came to Church each week they knew the Gospel of Jesus Christ was what they wanted to be a part of! They previously had 2 baptismal dates that had fallen through but there is nothing better to know they did it when they were as sure as they could be that this is what Heavenly Father wants for them! ...and all of his children of course! Sister Dantes and I witnessed miracles every moment of the 6 weeks we were together but for the time being I have a new companion!! As we got our transfer calls last Monday night (about 10 days ago) our District Leader informed Sister Dantes she was leaving and the 4 other Sisters and I were guessing who could be coming in?!? It is a fun game! Shortly after, we received a phone call from President Searle and he asked me if I would train the new sister who will be arrriving! (It was no one we were guessing!;)) Every moment has been such a blast and I learn so much from Sister Roberts! The funny thing is is that we are complete opposites and Sister Johanson, Diray and I laugh at it almost every moment! It is a good thing because she has taught me how to change the oil of a car since she was a Diesel Mechanic before her mission! Just picture it, a Diesel Mechanic and Me:) We are currently teaching a lady named Malaika and her little boy Ajan and she will be getting baptized January 10th! It is so amazing to see the things in my setting apart blessing come to pass even more as I have been serving and I love it so much! In the blessing President Alder blessed me to find those who are single mom's and to help them by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not only was this with Maritza but now it is also with Malaika and I know I am here to do what Heavenly Father has planned for me all along!! I love my Savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father for sending his son to Atone for each one of us, so that we can return to live with him. I am grateful Christ's original Church is back on the Earth today and I, as a daughter of God, I get to be a part of it! Just when I thought this mission could not get any better, it does! I love every moment and love you all!
Love always,
Sister Miller
P.S. I am unsure if we will be e-mailing next week since we call home on Christmas but until then...Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 3, 2008

To my amazing family!
Thank you so much for the e-mails, cards, and packages! It totally made my birthday magnificent and I am so grateful to have you all who care so much!:)
So picture this, almost 2 weeks ago( Friday) Sister Dantes and I were RUNNING to catch the bus as we were REALLY late for our appointment with Guillaume! We totally missed the first stop it was at and RAN down to the next one about 2 blocks up to try and catch it again. As we are running I yell ahead to Sister Dantes ,"KEEP RUNNING! HURRY! YOUR ALMOST THERE!" as am I trailing behind her laughing out loud thinking about what people are thinking about us. Sure enough, Sister Dantes saves the bus by catching up to it and as I am still running I felt a sense of relief, "we will get there a little faster now" but of course Satan (I like to think) or as some others may think, a crack in the cement:) stopped me as I TRIPPED and SLID on the ground! I totally thought I was hurt and Sister Dantes didn't really notice since she was already getting on the bus but this man did and she looks back at me and notices this man picking me up of the ground!! I totally laugh out loud just thinking about it and what people must have thought. Even though I was super sore on my right knee and elbow ( I tore thru my winter coat, long sleeve shirt, and skin on my elbow!) I was able to get back up and not let Satan stop the work for the rest of the evening:) I share this story because as Guillaume was baptized and confirmed this last Saturday and Sunday, I think about how hard Satan worked on him inparticular but just like me he got right back up! (Actually, he did not even fall!) The day before his baptism he had J-Dubs at his door and he use to meet with them years ago but had not seen them forever, his niece told him this church is of Satan, and his friend told him he should reconsider his thought of being baptized. Satan works SO hard (or cracks in the cement) but the best thing is, is that Heavenly Father is more powerful and this glad message will only continue to testify truth to all of God's children because this is where daily and Eternal happiness lies:) Guillaume was confirmed this last Sunday and it totally made my birthday all it could be AND more. I love this Gospel! Time to run, not literally;) Love always, Sister Miller

Thursday, November 27, 2008

November 26, 2008

To my Family!
This e-mail would probably be the longest one I have ever sent home because I have SO much to be thankful for but I only have 5 minutes!!AH! Everything has been great and I am looking forward to the Thanksgiving Day we have planned! President made tomorrow our P-Day instead of today and so a group of us are going to the Macy's Day Parade! My winter coat is orange and so if you happen to be watching it tomorrow morning and see a orange coat standing out in the crowd of millions, it will be me;) I love you all so much and miss you bunches. Please pray for me as tomorrow morning I will attempt making my first Turkey!!!:) Now I really wish I would have paid attention to all of the harwork mom did EVERY Thanksgiving! :)

Love always,
Sister Miller
Michelle, Thank you for the package!!:) I love you and will write you tomorrow...on my "real" P-day!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

November 19, 2008

To my wonderful family!
I am totally laughing right now because I keep thinking about my title last week and how I attempted to try Spanish but I totally did it wrong! Oops! That is probably why many Spanish speaking people are not interested when I try my best to speak the little Spanish that I know and share "Me encanta El Libro De Mormon!" As I am e-mailing right now the cast for Law and Order are "camping out" in the basement of the Church and it is so neat that the church does it to be of service. There is so much talk about proposition 8 and we hear so little but from what we are informed the chruch is obviously getting attacked:( Many of the people in the basement right now may be against proposition 8 but because of being in the building where we worship they may have the desire to know our stance and why we believe what we believe. I am grateful for the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman and that it is what Heavenly Father wants for his children. Although I can not speak for all, The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints has much love for those who choose otherwise but wants them to recognize the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and because he died for us we can overcome anything! I know the Atonement is true and because of Jesus Christ we are never alone! Ever! What a blessing! As for the protesting that took place last Wednesday night in front of the New York temple... it comfirms my testimony once again because as we read in the Bible, Christ's church will be prosecuted for what they believe. Isn't that so true!? Although I am somewhat "far" away from home during this Holiday season I feel like I am home sweet home because of all of the places, people, and things I see that remind me of each of you! I love it so much and in reality I don't feel far from home at all! To name a few: -I live and came out with Sister Johanson who is like Maria in every way possible! Musically inclined, educated, etc. -I have 2 ladies in my Ward named Zaneeta and Marydee and they are totally like Tiffany. Zaneeta looks like her and Marydee has the same personality:) -The Elders attempt to tease me just like Troy, Vince, Ammon, and Pete! -My companion is Grandma Swim, Aunt Kim, and Auntie combined! She talks to random strangers;) Has everything in her bag and I could ask for anything! and last but not least forgets where we are and what we are doing! (The list goes on!) I am loving every moment and looking forward to Thanksgiving(President made it our P-day!), finding others to share the gospel with, and last but not least learning everything Heavenly Father wants me to!:) I love you all so much and hope you are having a fabulous day!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 12, 2008

To Mi Fabilouso Familia!
I am shocked another week has come and gone, where does time go?!? Everything has been wonderful and the Sisters I live with and I have so much fun enjoying this journey together! 4 of us came out at the same time and so we feel like we are in Utah all over again!:) We love coming home and telling the stories of the day that edify each one of us! We also get the giggles too:) On Monday night Sister Dantes and I shared a story that made me cry tears of joy!
Here is the background,
We are currently teaching many people who are from Haiti (Sister Dantes is too) and can speak English but not as well as there native language, Creole. Sister Dantes is very humble about being fluent in Creole and she does not like to use it very often. With one man she speaks that to him all the time because he can barely understand me. His name is Guillom and brightens my day whenever we get to teach him! I will never forget our first lesson with him because he and Sister Dantes were speaking Creole to one another and 99.9% of the time I had no idea what was being said. What I do know is that as I sat and smiled while nodding my head the spirit was so strong and besides praying for my companion there was one point when I thought to myself, "If I am meant to be on my mission to sit, smile, nod my head yes and teach slow and simple so Sister Dontes can translate for me... I will do it anytime, anyday to feel the spirit as strong as I did!" I may not have understood a lot but what I did understand is that thru the power of the Holy Ghost Heavenly Father manifested the truth to me although it was a completely different language:) That evening Guillom excepted the date to be baptized December 6th and we are so excited for him. More importantly our Heavenly Father is!
The story,
We stopped by Monday at Guillom's to see how he is doing and how is prayer's have been going. He shared with us a dream and the only word I understood was, Mango! Sister Dantes then translated, "he had a dream last night and in the dream a man was throwing stones at a mango tree!!" We had never shared the quote that I love so much and it was not talked about at church on Sunday but we shared it with him that moment and he was so excited to hear the comparison! I was so excited! He feels like happiness in his life is all falling into place and he knows it was an answer to his prayers. He is now preparing to be baptized November 29th! Yay! I am so blessed everyday and continue to love every moment of the wonderful journey! I hope you are all having a fabulous day! I love you!
Love always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 5, 2008 Top Ten!

To my wonderful family!
This week has truly been wonderful and I am excited to share with you the top 10 rejections or misunderstandings my companions and I have experienced on our mission:) 1."I can't hear you, I'm dyslexic!" 2. "You baptize in the name of the devil!" 3. "Go back to Utah!" 4. Missionary:What is your name? "You don't deserve to know!" 5."I don't speak English" perfect English:) 6.Answering the phone on the subway. (It is very rare to get reception on the subway) 7."Thank you but no thank you!" 8. "You are wasting your time" 9."You polygamist" 10. "There is only one God and Joseph Smith is not a God" As it is very well known, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints receives much critism. The rejection and negativism is good because it helps me recognize those who are ready to hear such an amazing message and also that this church is true. I have recently read a quote in a magazine that I love! It is about a man who was pondering the message of the gospel and he related it to a mango tree.
"When you see people throwing stones at the mango tree, you know they are doing so because the tree is bearing good fruit. So I said to myself, since people are criticizing the church, it must have something special, something good." Many times people all over the world are throwing stones at this gospel but I know it is because it truly does have something good, something
special. I am so blessed to be called to share that with this beautiful City and each day I am in awe as I find a greater joy in every moment! I love you all so much!
Love always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008

To my fabulous family!!
Everything has been absolutely wonderful as I continue to count the endless amounts of blessings Heavenly Father has given me and my companion! Maritza was baptized October 18th and she is so incredibly happy! Her baptism was amazing and for a musical number 6 of us Sister Missionaries and her children sang the primary song "When I am Baptized!" It was so perfect and I love the message it has. So much! I know Maritza was looking for rainbows everytime after it rained but she did not see one bright enough until she came to know the gospel of Jesus Christ! I am grateful to witness her see this colorful rainbow and act on it by gettting baptized. As she tells us each time we see her, the rainbow is only getting brighter in her life:) I am grateful I get to continue to see her each week since I did not get transfered!! Yes, so today was transfers and Sister Buhler and I are no longer companions anymore! I have learned SO many things from her and I am forever grateful for the last 5 months together as companions and possibly we will be together again one day! She was in this area for 10 months so I guess we prepared ourselves for this change but it was hard for everyone! Our apartment is so close and sometimes we think it will not be the same. No matter what we think we know this is for the best and inspired! My new companion is...Sister Dantes!! Can you believe it? My Missionary Training Center companion in Utah and here we are again! We have been able to see eachother each week because she was previously just on the eastside of Manhattan and our friendship has just continued from what we had in the MTC and everything that was somewhat difficult has only prepared us for this time now! There is nothing I look forward to more than what will happen as we continue to bring this meassge to those who are waiting for it and so many are! I love it so much! There is nothing that could bring me greater joy in my life at this time than serving a mission! I am so blessed!
I love you all and hope you are having a great week!
Love always,
Sister Miller

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October 15, 2008

To my family,
I hope all is well and you are having a fabulous day! My heart is filled with gratitude to be able to tell you yet another miracle that has happened. They never stop coming!:)
Maritza has been our investigator for 3 months now and totally shows her love for our Heavenly Father and desires to do what is right. She shows this by coming to church, reading the scriptures, and praying. She has been telling us that she does not want to pray specifically to know if this is the only true church because she is not ready to act on it. As we know sometimes there is a different path Heavenly Father that will only bring us even more joy in our lives and we may not even know it. We went over to her apartment on Friday night and we were going to share our thoughts and how acting on her feelings will only bring her that PURE joy she yearns for, as do we all, in this life and for eternity. We have known it is time to act because Heavenly Father wants this for all of his children, not just a few:) As we talked and taught her this evening the spirit was overwhelming strong! Are we surprised;) She shared with us an experience that happened the previous night that at work: "I was reading the Book of Mormon and this lady saw me reading it and started saying many mean and negative things about Mormons. She(Maritza) was hurt and the moment the lady walked away and went in the elevator I felt peace in me heart I have never felt before!" This church has truth!
Sister Miller

Friday, October 10, 2008

October 1, 2008

To the best family on earth,
Everything has been absolutely wonderful! This week I had a really neat experience on the train and it truly helped me realize that no matter what someone is doing they can still be contacted to hear this amazing plan Heavenly Father has for his children!! Sister Buhler and I were on the train and I happened to be sitting next to this guy who was listening to his I- POD. The spirit prompted me to write him a note and before I knew it I pulled out a piece of paper and the first thing I said to him is: Who are you listening to? He replied: (Some rappers name) Have you ever heard of him?
Me: No I have not. Have you ever heard of the Mormon Taberbnacle Choir?!
He said: I have heard of them but never listened. Do you have a CD? (As unprepared as I felt) I replied...I am sorry I do not but we would love to have you at church some time. ( I pulled out a card a pointed where he should go and the time it starts) *This is still all passing notes and no talking:)* He replied: Thank you so much. We share very similar beliefs and I promise I will come to church. You will truly be blessed for what you did for me tonight. I replied: Perfect and thank you so much. He was standing up to get off at his stop and took his head phones off and introduced himself, "I'm Antwoin" and gave me a CD album he has out with a group.
It was simple, silent, and sweet but the spirit was so strong. I don't know if he will ever go to church or even get baptized but I do know that I followed the promptings of the Spirit and I was able to nourish a seed that seems to have already been planted. I know as we follow the promptings of the spirit we will continually be blessed and Heavenly Father is guiding us to a more straight and narrow path to pure joy and Eternal life.
I love you all so much and all you do for me, thank you so much! I hope all is well!
Love always,
Sister Miller

September 10, 2008

To the most wonderful family ever,
Can you believe it? My mission is almost too perfect and I love it so much! This last weekend the mission had 26 baptisms total and it has tied the mission history of baptizing in one week! For the month we have had a goal of each companionship baptizing which would be 80 baptisms all together and the number of dates we have are 93! Can you imagine this happening all over the World? Before we know it we will take over the Earth!! :) The church is so true and what a blessing it is to share this message with those who hunger for it. I love this Gospel!
Lisa's baptism was Saturday and it went so good! She was so excited and as you can imagine the spirit filled the room. I must say I felt the spirit leave the room for a moment when I got up to bare my testimony and as a I walking up a little boy in our Ward Rueben was running across the front and I totally TRIPPED THE TODDLER! I felt so bad and he looked at me like I was crazy. Thankfully, I am close with his parents and I did not get sent home:) It was in front of my Ward and seriously I felt so bad the rest of the day but I talked to his parents at church the following morning again and they reassured me he is fine and now he knows not to run in sad! Lisa bore her testimony at her baptism and at Fast and Testimony meeeting Sunday! She was an answer to many of our investigators prayers as she told them her story and she has never felt better in her life than to stand before everyone and know that this is the only true church. How amazing. As I reflect upon the miracles we have I continually think "Because I Have Been Given Much I too must give" and there is no greater gift I have ever received in my life than this gospel. We are teaching a lady named Maritsa and her niece and nephew who live with her. Her nephew is gay and we are trying our best to help him recognize the Saviors love for him and he can overcome this. We have also been teaching a guy named Chris for the last 3 months who is on Probation and he recently decided he wants to get baptized as soon as possible. Because of the probation we are going to take the steps to see if it can take place before he is off of probation. The process might take long but it is something for him to work towards and by writing a letter to the first Presidency will help him strengthen his testimony even more.
I am hesitant to think I could get transfered next Wednesday and no longer be able to teach these amazing people. As hard as that is, people are still waiting for this message everywhere we walk. I am excited to find out and let you know! I wish I had time to write much to tell, so little time! I love you all so much and thank you for all you do for me each day. I am SO blessed!
Love always,
Sister Miller
Single Sister Miller
Sister Hot Tamalie

September 3, 2008

To the best family on Earth,
I can not believe all the amazing things that continually happen each day! I truly stand all amazed at the wonderful blessing this mission has been in my life and I just love it.
Although there is much rejection there is much acceptance also. People truly have a desire to know of this truthfulness. Brian did not come to Church again this week and we are sad for him but one day he will have that desire in his heart to follow Christ's example and enter the waters of baptism. There is nothing more important for him to do it when he has the desire in his heart so he can continually receive the blessings of this gospel. Someone we are teaching who truly has a desire is Lisa. She is wonderful! She just moved to New York to go to school at Columbia and she came from Gautamala. When she was there she met with the missionaries for about a year and was taking the lessons but never received an answer to her prayers if Joseph Smtih really did see God and Jesus Christ and if he was called to be a prophet and restore this gospel. She went to Washington where she is originally from before coming to New York and locked herself in her bedroom and prayed. She got her answer like she never has before as she felt peace in her heart and so much joy as she was praying. She went online gave her info on the church website and the referral was sent to us through text. We have been meeting with her the last 3 weeks and going over everything and she will be baptized this Saturday! I will be sure to send pictures:) And for those who choose not to listen... I am grateful to be able to plant a seed or water one that has already been planted. I love you all and thank you for all you do for me!
Love always,
Sister Miller
P.S. Did anyone take family pictures this summer?! If so, I would love to see them. Will you please mail them to me so I can put in on my desk:)

August 20, 2008

To my Family!
I miss you all so much and thank you for the letter Kim and the e-mails! I continue to love Manhattan and this work! Each day Heavenly Father puts something in my path to remind me of the truthfulness of this Gospel and there is nothing I love more! I am so grateful to to be here and sharing this joy with everyone we come in contact with! OUr investigators are amazing and the church just continues to grow as Heavenly Father is putting people in our Path. Brian was supposed to be baptized this Saturday and talk about mission Drama! He decided last night he wants to put it off. The best part is is that he told us he is looking for fireworks for an answer and we reassured him it is within the small and simple things. He feels he has not completely done his part either because he has not been reading the BoM enough and praying specifcaly to know if he should be baptized. I know as he does Heavenly Father will answer specificaly but he really has already gotten his answer. He has had dreams about the only true church and it makes him have a great day!! Isn't that good enough?!;) As for the trasfer story, Sister Buhler and I were praying like crazy we would not get transferred. Sure enough we didn't! We are 1 of the very few companionships who were covering 2 Wards and we just love it. Especially church for 6 hours on Sunday!It was the best! Part of the transfer is that we got the Singles Ward taken away from us and that meant 2 amazing investgators that I felt soo close with. Kentor and Edward are both friends and they love everything we share with them. They ask amazing questions, keep there committments,and not only that but they come to church EVERY week! (That is typicaly the speed bump in the road) I was sad/bummed at first but now I have come to understand why we get transfered. It is easy to get attached. Not only that but obvoiusly I need to remind myself that it is in the Lord's hands and that is what really matters. I love the Sisters who are taking over and they will be perfect for the 2 of them! Thankfully we live with them so we can still hear how everything is going! Plus we can go to their baptism because it is still the same area:) I am so blessed! Lesson learned from this: Heavenly Father has a hand in all that we do and I just need to have faith in him! I wish I had time to tell you everything else! It is time to go enjoy the rest of P-day with all of the Sisters but I love you all so much and thank you so much for all you do for me!
Love always,
Sister Miller
Choose the Right:)

August 13, 2008

To the best family on Earth:
Everything is so amazing as usual and I just love this mission more than anything! I have never been happier! I am totally on the go because of P-day but I can't wait to tell you about the miracles we witness everyday! The sweet part of the title is that Sister Buhler and I did not get transferred and we still get to serve in the best area of Manhattan for at least another 6 weeks!The bitter part of the title is because we lost our Singles Ward in the area and with that, 2 of the best investgators ever! The best part is is that it is all in the Lord's Hands! I'll tell you details next week for sure. I love you all so much!
Love always,
Sister Miller

July 30, 2008

Mi Familia!
Can you tell I am trying to learn Spanish? ;) It is the funniest thing when I attempt to contact someone who no habla english and all I know how to say is "Me encanta El Libro De Mormon!" giving them a big smile and telling them to call "el numero" on the pass along cards. You can only imagine what they are thinking!
Everything has been fabulous this week! Brian is getting baptized August 23rd and Sister Buhler and I are very excited for him! His faith amazes me and he continues to progress every minute! When he was at church this last week the guy teaching Priesthood asked him what Ward he was visiting from because he is that good and fits right in!:) Sister Buhler and I often say, "Lets find a Brian today!" We stopped at his apartment on our way home last night to see how his day was and he told us one day he wants to be in the Seventy to get work off and serve for the only true church the rest of his life. Amaizng right?!? He totally will too:)
This morning was the first time I got to go to the Manhattan temple and I loved it. Everything about it was perfect and I must say it is my favorite temple thus far! My favorite thing about it is that the tellestial, terrestrial, and cellestial rooms are all different and they are gorgeous in their unique ways! I just love New York, serving, and there is no other place on Earth I would rather be! This church is so true and everyone needs to know it because of the happiness it can bring as people allow it to. The rejection is an everyday thing but the best part is witnessing people who have not rejected and the pure joy they feel after they have come to know these things are true. Like BrIan:) I love you all so much and miss you too!
Love always,
Sister Miller

July 16, 2008

Hello everyone!
I can not believe another week has come and gone!! Time is flying by! Everything just keeps getting better and better and I am so blessed!

Some Highlights:

  • Thursday was my first day of complete rejection all day and all of our appointments fell through...that means miracles are right around the corner!
    Saturday, we walked through Central Park when Bon Jovi was here and I have never seen so many people! Do not worry, he was not performing yet so I did not hear music...just little parts of practicing!
  • On Sunday Sister Buhler and I had 4 investigators at church and they are doing so great, they will all be getting baptized soon, so soon!
  • Monday we came home from our lovely day of spreading the word and as we were walking up to our apartment 5 fire trucks pulled up and firemen began rushing into our apartment. They put out a fire in the garbage shoot and we were able to go in about an hour after they got there. I have confirmed my thoughts on how I want to marry a mormon fireman...keep and eye out;)
  • Wednesday we found out our Zone is number one in the mission and our Zone Leaders told Sister Buhler and I "we are leading the Zone"...what a blessing, Heavenly Father has put the most amaxing people in our path:)
  • Last night Glenn Beck came and spoke out What Mormons Believe and his conversion story and it was so incredible!! He was an answer to a lot of our investgators prayers because they wanted to hear a testimony of a convert! Heavenly Father uses all of us as tools to other peoples prayers:)

Am I not in the best mission?! I hope all is well is all of you! Love you bunches!
Love always,
Sister Miller

July 2, 2008

Hello to the best family on Earth! How are you?! Everything is absolutely amazing here and there is nothing I would want to be doing at this time!! I LOVE it here. Everyday I am learning something new and this week has been spiritually perfect! On Friday the 27th President Uchtdorf came to the New York New York North Mission to speak to us while he was on vacation with his wife and 2 grandkids. Can you believe it? He spoke about he and his wife's conversion story and the blessings they have received throughout their lives. The spirit he brought into the chapel is something I have never felt before and when I shook his hand and felt of his love, I could not help but think of the day I am reunited with my Heavenly Father and I get to shake his hand and be in his presence for eternity. The spirit I feel within me now is nothing compared to that day. How blessed are we to have the restored gospel in our lives and know of the truth? I love it. Saturday was my first baptism and I must say I did not have any part in teaching this lady but to be a part of this fabulous time in her life and to witness her be baptized into the only true church testified to me that that is why I am here. To invite others to come unto Christ and be baptized in his name. On Sunday I had a blast at Church and the wards we cover are great and so unique! We cover a family ward and singles ward and in my singles ward I have a friend from Idaho! His name is Adam Benton and it is so funny to talk to him because we just talk about home and somehow tie it in with missionary work!:) There are so many single successful men, I am amazed! Last night Sister Buhler and I were teaching a guy named Brian and I invited him to be baptized for July 19th and he is still waitng to get an answer but I will be sure to let you know the progress. He is so interested in our Saviors church and expresses much happiness within his soul as he reads the Book of Mormon so I know he will receive the anwer he is supposed to. If not it is just not his time:) We are going all around Manhattan for our P-day so time to go!! I love you all so much and hope all is well!!
Love always,
Sisiter Miller

June 25, 2008

Hello Everyone!!
I arrived in New York yesterday afternoon and have loved every second of it! far:) After we arrived the 2 assistants took all of us straight to the Bronx and we immediatly started contacting! I thought it was an amazing experience and there is so much I wanted to say to everyone! I often found it hard to come up with the words because there is so much to say but I know that as I pray for the spirit and share what I know in my heart then my tongue will be loosed! Last night The Elders and Sisters had dinner and a sleepover at our mission Presidents and it was amazing!! Sister Searle cooked a very healthy meal and it reminded me of dinners from home:) Completely different from the fattening food at the MTC! This morning we had breackfast and went straight to my first transfer meeting!! There were SO many Elders and sisters there and I could not be more excited to find out where my first area was gonig to be! I got called to the Manhattan South area and my trainer is Sister Buhler! We have had P-day all day so I have been unpacking and enjoying getting to know the area. We have actual appointments in like 20 minutues which I am looking forward to so much! I can't wait to tell you how they go and everything else that I am feeling but we only had 10 minutes for the computer today! I love you all and thank you for all you do!!:)
Love always,
Sister Miller:)