Friday, August 21, 2009

August 19, 2009

"Welcome to the hood"
To My Amazing Family and Friends!!
Who would have thought?!?;) Transfers was today and on Monday night I was informed that I was going to be transfered! Of course the Bronx is where I have been sent and all I can say is that I feel so good about being here! It was interesting how many different times I felt peace about leaving Norwalk and Darien Connecticut prior to actually knowing I was leaving. Heavenly Father truly let me know that that was my last cycle there. I am truly grateful for the gospel and the peace it brings into my life! Transfers have been difficult all throughout my mission but for some reason I was prepared for this one. It is amazing the love Heavenly Father has for me! I am so blessed! So to tell you briefly about my new companion Sister Luedtke! She is from Vegas and was baptized into the church about 3 years ago! Like Sister Roberts, she is also a Mechanic and loves cars!! She was introduced to the church when she was 29 years old and is absolutely amazing! I miss Sister Roberts like crazy but so grateful to have been with her 6 months of my mission! Sister Roberts and I were together 3 months, seperated 3 months, and back together again these last 3 months!! It was really nieat and I feel as though I was able to be a better companion to her the second time around. I had many things I wish I would had done better with her the first time! Once again Heavenly Father loves me and gave me the chance to try again:) I am grateful for "second chances" and the Atonement that makes it possible for me to be better and try my best to prepare to return to the Celestial Kingdom one day! Well it is time to umpack and then go hit the streets for the night but I love you all so much!! Have a wonderful day!! Until next week....XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

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