Friday, August 21, 2009

July 29, 2009

To My Dearest Family And Friends!
I hope you are having a wonderful day! Sister Roberts and I have had such a miraculous week and all is well! Our week started off by getting a text for a referral and the guy is named Gifton! Gifton is very humble and this 38 year old man from Jamaica who just wants to get his life in order through our Father in Heaven! It really is neat to know that people do turn their heads in the right direction even though there is so much turmoil in the world! As we invited him to say the closing prayer he was very willing and as he did it made my heart smile. I am oh so grateful for the power of prayer! We are excited to see what happens as we continue to meet with him and share the main beliefs of Jesus Christ! Hopefully it will be in the affirmative direction and he will accept the date to be baptized August 30th, the date we extended. He is still praying to know but of course he will get his answer! How could he not?! As we were getting ready to go he told us he is excited to see if this seed in his heart grows and Sister Roberts and I quickly grabbed the Book Of Mormon and changed the reading we had for him to Alma 34! It was quite the shock for us! You should have seen our faces! J The other highlight of the week is going to the nursing home near our apartment and teaching a couple of ladies there! When we walk in they all greet us with big smiles on their faces and of course it makes me smile. Janice and Vicki are the two that show the most interest and currently we are working on getting them to church! Surprisingly, they are mobile enough to go but not at the same time. (I won’t go into those details!) Vicki actually looks like Mom to me and so I like being with herJ There is also this guy named Kenneth who lives there and he has no desire to meet with us but every desire to come to church! He was able to come last week and because he has told us, we know church is enough for him…for now! We get to meet with Jack tonight and we are excited to see him! He has so many wonderful questions and is the type that hungers for more. The only hang-up is that we found out he is 23!! It was such a shock for us! The Single’s Ward Elder’s contacted him on the street and referred him to us, the Family Ward because he looks 30 or so! And acts it too! Throughout time we found out his age and when we called the Elder’s to let them know his age they were laughing so hard! I must admit we weren’t because we don’t want to lose Jack! Although whether he starts going to the Single’s Ward or not…it is all the sameJ If you ask me, the Single’s Ward is perfect for him! Sister Roberts strongly discourages the Single’s Ward to anyone and so we will see what he decides! Guess what I found out yesterday?? President Smith’s brother in-law lives in EAGLE IDAHO! He lives in Two Rivers and is the Bishop for one of the Eagle Wards! …I can’t remember his last name! Such a small world, right?? To top off the week, Sister Roberts and I love to see the Temple and we were able to go to the Temple today! It was just what we were craving. I took the proximity for granted when we used to live in the City and I have learned a very important lesson!J Last night Sister Roberts and I felt like we were little kids going to Disney Land because we were so excited for today and could not fall asleep at all! It was just like being a little kid all over again! Well, time to go…I love you all and miss you lots! Until next week have a blessed day!XOXO!
Love you always,
Sister Miller

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