Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 2, 2009

"One after Another!"

To My Lovely Family And Friends!!

You will never believe it!!! I just love my life and feel so blessed every single second!! Guess what happened to Sister Johanson and I?!? It was Sunday November 22nd and church was over. We were finishing our studies and saying a prayer together and pleading with the Lord to help us find that 1 last baptism! For that evening all we had planned was contacting people on the streets of NYC and hoping a miracle would happen!!! Little did we know Heavenly Father had 1 in store!!:) When we were finished with our prayer, praying so specifically! We looked at our phone, which had been on silent and but within minutes we had a missed call from Pete!! Do you remember Pete?? Sister Wadsworth and I taught him a little like 7 months ago and since then he had been meeting with the missionaries and coming to church but nothing really had come of it! ....until now!! We thought maybe he was calling to decide a day to have us over for dinner because we briefly talked about that at church that day. But when we called back we asked him what we could do for him and this was his response..."Sisters I am ready to be baptized!" Sister Johanson and I could not hold it back!!! We were just sooo happy!!:) It was like the Yankee's won the World Series or something!!!;) Our hearts were full and they still are!! We asked when he would like to do it and he told us "before the 2 of you go home!" It was music to our ears! Pete is a med student and will accomplish a lot in his life, especially within the church!! He has so much to offer! Just when I feel like things can't get any better, they do! Later thhat evening we got a phone call from the Elder's that are now serving in Connecticut and they had news for me...Chantel and Cindy got baptized that day! The cute mother and daighter from Africa that just are so humble and pure. One blessing after another, I just love it and I am so grateful! And they keep then on Thursday Sister Johanson and I were walking home from a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and the streets of Manhattan were was so weird to us! The weather was pretty and our day was wonderful! We went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade at 6 am and got front row seats so needless to say, we were so tired! But I was quickly awakened when we got another random call. The number was unfamiliar to us and to my delight it was Sister Raguseo in Connecticut and she was with Debbie! Sister Raguseo told me Debbie wanted to say hi and at that moment I knew, I knew she was going to tell me something special! And she did!! Debbie told me she will be getting bapitzed December 13th and knows this is the prefect timing!! I cried tears of joy once again on my mission and I could not be happier! I know this gospel is true and can only bring a spirit of joy into lives! I just love this work and there is nothing that could bring me more joy at this time! Thank you for your love and all that you do to uplift me! I love you guys bunches!! As President Searle used to tell us when he was going home...."we are sprinting to the end!" Although I feel like this mission is never going to end because it is all I know and all I want to be doing!! With that being said...its time to go and find more Pete's, Debbie's, Chantel's, Cindy's, etc!!:)

Love you always,
Sister Miller

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