Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 10, 2009

"Eternally Indebted"

To My Beautiful Friends and Family!!

I hope you are having an amazing week! Let me tell you, this week has been so special for Sister Johanson and I! Pete was baptized this last Saturday and on Sunday he recevied the gift of the Holy Ghost! He bore his testimony at his baptism that pierced my heart and it is moments like that that I am so grateful for the gospel and the capability it has to strengthen each and every one of Heavenly Father's children!! He loves each one of us so much! It truly is most wonderful time of the year to be a missionary for the only true church on earth! With that being said, I love the spirit of Christmas and joy it brings to each one of our hearts! It is apparent that hearts really are softened and thoughts are focused on the birth of our Savior. During this season, we love passing out hot chocolate, candy canes, copies of The Book Of Mormon, Joy to the World DVD's, singing Christmas Carols, etc! etc! and trying our best to share the best message of that we know about Jesus Christ! Oh how I love my mission to pieces and I am eternally indebted to my Father in Heaven for the blessings I have witnessed on my mission and the blessing it has been in my life! I am grateful for the Savior, the life he lived and lives today! I know that it is through him that we can return to live with our Father in Heaven and this is his gospel for each and every one of us to be a part of! My mission of sharing this will never be over but it is about that time that my mission continues elsewhere?!? I am in denial. I love you bunches and will see you soon but until then we are sprinting even faster than before!

Love you always,
Sister Miller
Sister Wynkoop has a translation for all of you.....

Alma 27: 16-17

And it came to pass Sister Miller was going forth into the Minneapolis airport, that she...met her family over in the place which has been spoken; and behold, this was a joyful meeting. Now the joy of Sister Miller was so great even that she was full; yea, she was swallowed up in the joy of her God, even to the exhausting of her strength; and fell again to the earth.

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