Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30, 2009

"Sunshine in my soul!!!"

I have like 30 seconds today and so let me tell you the reason I have sunshine in my soul!! Ok, so today was my surprise I got transferred from the Bronx!! Once again, I did not write about the "transfers coming up" because I was sure I would stay there! Sister Luedtke and I were in denial!! We did not want to leave each other, I did not want to leave the people, and I was just shocked that that was the news I received Monday night!! Well today came around and I was so unsure what could be going on. I thought Heavenly Father wanted me in the Bronx the next couple on months!! Well here is what happened, I got to transfers and 2 Sister missionaries got training calls and so I knew I was not going to be with them and I thought maybe I was getting put into a Spanish area with a Spanish speaking sister or something because there was no place for me to go with the English sisters!!! So we get into the chapel and Elder Bishoff announces "Sister Miller and Sister Johanson will be training Sister Wynhoop!!!" AHH!! The assistants to the President saw the shock of joy on our faces and came up to me and apologized they did not call! (Which was totally understandable because of how busy they are!!) But let me tell you... I came out with Sister Johanson! We lived together in the MTC in Utah, lived together in the West Side oF Manhattan, and every single time we have seen each other throughout the year (when we did not live together) we have always told each other that we were still praying to be together as companions one day!! My prayer has been answered even though it was completely unexpected but oh how blessed I am!!! And guess where I got sent?!?! Back to the East Side of Manhattan in the singles ward where I was in April!!! I am just so grateful and so excited to be with Sister Wynhoop and Johanson and to teach every single person!!;) I miss Sister Luedtke but I know Heavenly Father has had this planned all along. Wow! Ok, I am going to run but I love you all and miss you so much!!! Will someone please call mom and tell her because I did not get to write her today!! She is going to be ecstatic to know where I am!! :)
Until next time...XOXO!

Love you always,
Sister Miller

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