Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 9, 2009

"Having a little hope"

To My Dearest Family and Friends!

I feel a little sick today and so this will be short!! Sister Luedtke was sick 2 full days this week and we were cooped up in the apartment which seemed like prison!!!! I sat on the couch and read the Ensign to her, listened to talks, made some phone calls, wrote some recent converts, etc. and the agenda repeated itself quite a few times!! Thankfully, she is well now all due to the priesthood power!!:) So this last weekend was the 1 year mark of Lisa Beyl's baptism and confirmation and it brought back so many memories of when Sister Buhler and I met and taught her!! She has moved to Ecuador since then but I have found out she is engaged and was going through the temple at her one year mark! I was so excited! My heart is so happy and it makes me reflect upon the reasons I served a mission!!:) Everyone needs the blessings this gospel brings ...if we just do our part!!:) We had such a good week despite Sister Luedtke being sick and have worked as hard as possible to make up for those lost days! I just felt so bad for her! I am afraid I have the flu right now but at least it is a day I can try my best to relax and get rid of it:) Anyway, on Sunday Sister Luedtke taught me a big lesson and showed me that I just can't is the story. So Sister Luedtlke has been out about 9 weeks now on her mission. In this area it has been the most difficult on my mission for us to find people who porgress and actually come to church and we always try to change that around!! Although it is common for us to committ people on the street they typically don't come and I learned that quick when I first came on my mission! :) Well we still committ random people like crazy since they don't want to give their address or number and hope to see miracles. My first Sunday with Sister Luedtke she leaned over to me during sacrament meeting and goes " I really thought all of those people would come to church today maybe they are here and invisible!" (That is how optimistic she is!) Well Saturday we did another random committ to this guy named Bobby and I told Sister Luedtke ..."you really think HE is going to come? I will have to repent if he shows up!" Sure enough on Sunday Bobby walked in the doors and I smiled so big!! I felt ashamed for thinking for a split second he would not come and that is something I will never do again. Now I know I just need to have more hope like my companion!!! I am grateful for the things I learn from my companions and even though it was a humbling experience when I first came on my mission, I know I needed to learn important things that have changed my life! I hope you are all doing sooo good and having a blessed day. I miss you all and thank you for your letters, e-mails, and prayers. Your thoughtfulness means the world to me!!

Love you always,
Sister Miller

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